Conduct committees

CIMA is impartial in matters of complaints against its members. To ensure impartiality, the conduct committees are comprised of both lay and CIMA members with a majority of lay members (individuals from a non-accountancy background) and are appointed by an independent external process.

There are strict protocols in place to ensure that nobody on a conduct committee has any conflict with individual parties in a complaint, any of the legal advisers or any other connection with the complaint.

The selection and appointments process

  • Adverts for CIMA members are placed on this website and FM Magazine. Adverts for members are placed in Counsel Magazine and PARN (the Professional Associations Research Network). Adverts may also be placed in newspapers and through a recruitment agency.
  • Applicants are assessed by a firm of independent consultants against standard selection criteria. A firm of solicitors is used to provide independent individuals for the interview panel. The interview panel contains no CIMA members.
  • All candidates are credit, identity and CRB checked. They are asked to provide references which are checked in line with CIMA regulations conduct committee appointments are subject to approval by the Appointments Committee.
  • Once appointed, conduct committee members go through training and induction before being allocated to an investigation committee meeting or disciplinary committee hearing.

Conduct Committee Members Biographies 2020 - 2021 (PDF 193KB)