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Glossary of conduct terms

A person making a complaint.

An allegation of professional misconduct.

Consent Order
An order made with the consent of the member or registered student complained of to agree to the imposition of a sanction(s) by the Investigation Committee.

The governing body of CIMA established pursuant to the Royal charter – it is the Council that sets and maintains the regulations governing the conduct processes.

An associate or fellow of CIMA.

In relation to any member or registered student (i) a failure to comply with the laws of the institute (which includes the code of ethics); or (ii) conduct resulting in any conviction (or adverse finding by, or sanction or order of, or undertaking to, any tribunal or court or other body or authority) relevant to their membership or registration with the Institute.

Prima facie case 
Where a complaint against a respondent is sufficiently established by the available evidence to justify a finding of misconduct, provided such evidence is not rebutted.

The CIMA member or student who has had a complaint made against them. 

A penalty by CIMA on members or registered students found to be guilty of misconduct. The sanction is offered at Investigation Committee stage and imposed at Disciplinary Committee stage.

A CIMA registered student.