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UK management accountants want to stay in the EU to protect British business

UK management accountants want the UK to remain in the EU, according to a survey of members of The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA). The majority (63%) said they want to stay in the EU even if David Cameron fails to renegotiate our relationship with Europe.

The poll, which covered 1,100 UK professionals working in finance across all industry sectors and sizes of organisation, found that over three-quarters (76%) want the UK to maintain EU membership and 80% stated they believe EU membership is good for British business. Only 7% thought that leaving the EU would have a positive impact on their own business.

Tony Manwaring, CIMA’s executive director, external affairs, said: ‘The role of management accountants is to assess all relevant information to decide what will best ensure the success of business now and in the future. On this basis, they have said that the UK’s membership of the EU is good for the UK. The majority of CIMA members want the UK to remain within the European Union at all costs.’

The survey showed that demand for business-specific reforms was quite low, with only 5% wanting changes to corporate regulations, 12% wanting the UK to push for tax harmonisation, and 12% wanting changes to employment regulations. Support for adopting the single currency was extremely low with only 4% of survey respondents indicating they would like the UK to join.

Positive sentiment towards the EU was consistent across all sizes of organisation and was high even with relatively low levels of interaction with other EU countries. A third (33%) reported a significant proportion (over 25%) of business which involved other EU states and the majority (54%) has not seen any increase in business with other EU states in recent years. Only a small proportion (14%) said their organisations receive some form of funding from the EU. 


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