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CIMA August 2015 exam pass rates

CIMA has released its latest exam pass rates, covering the August case study exams and the objective tests between 2 January and 30 September 2015.

Students continue to perform well at the management and strategic level case studies, while the CIMA gateway exam pass rate has also increased compared with the May window.

Candidates’ performance in the objective tests has continued to improve with the biggest increases found in P3, F3, P1 and P2. Both exam pass rates and first time pass rates have remained consistent across the subjects. Meanwhile, overall pass rates for every subject are 62% or higher

Noel Tagoe, Executive Director of CIMA Education, said: ‘The objective test pass rates demonstrate that our on demand-exams continue to meet students’ needs, with increases seen across all subjects. Candidates’ performance continue to improve as they choose to take resits when they feel they are ready. We are pleased with the high overall pass rates and expect these to further increase over time.

‘The case study pass rates, particularly the strong performances at management and strategic level, indicate that students are becoming more familiar and confident with the new exam format and simulated business scenario. While the case study pass rates have decreased at the operational level, this could be due to a range of reasons. We are currently analysing these factors so that we can continue to best meet students’ needs.

‘We congratulate our students on their hard work and achievement and remain committed to supporting them on their journey towards qualification.’

Case studies

  Feb/March May August November
Operational 44% 67% 34% -
Management 33% 62% 77% -
CIMA gateway 15% 20% 40% -
Strategic 46% 70% 67% -

Objective tests

The pass rates cover the objective test sittings between 1 January and 30 September 2015.

Between 2 January-30 September 2015 E1 P1 F1 E2 P2 F2 E3 P3 F3
Overall exam pass rate: Percentage of students who have passed the exam after one or more attempts between January and September 2015.   86% 62% 82% 92% 62% 64% 75% 64% 64%
First time pass rate: Percentage of students who have passed the exam on first attempt.   78% 46% 75% 85% 44% 48% 61% 49% 48%
Exam pass rate:Total exams passed / total exams taken.   76% 44% 73% 83% 41% 47% 59% 47% 47%



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