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CIMA releases February / March 2015 case study exam pass rates

CIMA has published the pass rates for the case study exams held in February and March 2015.

The February/March 2015 exam window was the first opportunity for candidates to sit case study exams under the new CIMA professional qualification syllabus, updated and launched in January 2015.

Noel Tagoe, Executive Director of Education at CIMA, said: ‘We are pleased with the first set of case study results under the 2015 syllabus and I congratulate our students on their achievement, a result of their dedication and effort.

‘A small number of candidates chose to sit the exams during this first window and the resulting pass rates are in line with expectations. We anticipate that pass rates will rise as larger numbers sit the case study exams. Each exam window will generate further study material and we hope this will further increase student confidence.’

This latest set of results marks the new use of computer-based assessment for CIMA exams. The computer-based assessment model is designed to reflect the wider use of technology in education and in the workplace.

Meanwhile, the case study exams are intended to simulate the real-life experience of financial professionals, giving students the opportunity to develop the competencies demanded by employers.

Pass rates: February/March 2015 case study examinations

Level UK pass rate (%) Global pass rate (%)
Operational    63 44
Management    39 33
Strategic    62 46
CIMA gateway exam    20 15


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