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CIMA joins Churchill 2015

CIMA has signed up to be part of Churchill 2015, a collaboration which will help the ideas at the heart of the CGMA Global Management Accounting Principles influence the debate on the nature of leadership in the 21st century.

Churchill 2015 is a celebration which marks 75 years since the statesman’s ‘finest hour’ leading the fight against fascism in 1940, and 50 years since his death. 

The events range from a national public speaking competition for schools to a re-creation of the former prime minister’s final journey down the Thames. More information can be found at

The cornerstone is The Churchill 21st century statesmanship programme, the most prominent thought leadership programme of the year. This will bring together senior policy-makers, politicians, business leaders, and diplomats and academics.

CIMA is working with leading broadcaster Nik Gowing on the panel, 'Thinking the unthinkable: a new imperative for leadership in the digital age', which will look at the future of decision-making.

Nik Gowing said: 'I have just chaired a debate at the World Economic Forum in Davos in which 80% of the audience voted for the proposition that leadership is in crisis. This confirms how profound and critical this issue is for all leaders in both the private and public sectors. Using candid one-to-one interviews, this panel for Churchill 2015 will aim to discover why, and what needs to change.'

For CIMA this panel will enable the high-level dialogue that is now needed between leaders in business, government and civil society to deliver future success, tackling the major challenges we face in all sectors across the world. 

In so doing this provides CIMA with an invaluable forum to work with future leaders in reinforcing the value of 'integrated thinking', highlighting the critical role of management accountants in working with boards and executives to join the dots and bring together the best information for leaders in the public and private sectors. The paper will be published with others in the autumn, and will be discussed at a major conference on 23 October at London’s Guildhall.

More than 40 senior figures will be interviewed for the panel including prominent economist Lord Nicholas Stern, Oxford academic Professor Ian Goldin, and former ambassador Sir Jeremy Greenstock.

Charles Tilley, CIMA’s chief executive, said: 'We need new metrics and guidelines for leadership and decision making fit for the challenges of the 21st century. We firmly believe that the Global Management Accounting Principles, alongside integrated reporting and integrated thinking, provides this new framework.'

'These principles are that communication must be influential; that decisions must be taken based on the most relevant information, not the most obvious; that impact on value must be analysed; and that good stewardship is needed to build trust. Churchill 2015 provides us with a unique opportunity to demonstrate the relevance of our discipline.

'It is also a great opportunity for our more than 200,000 members and students. We will be canvassing their views as part of our research, and we will share our findings with them, allowing CIMA’s community to plug into one of the most exciting thought-leadership projects of the moment.'

CIMA is one of several prominent institutions taking part in the Churchill 21st century statesmanship programme. Also contributing to papers will be Chatham House, The London School of Economics, and many more.