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Data – Deluge and Decisions

Data – Deluge and Decisions,’ is a  series of video programmes produced in collaboration with ITN Productions, which explores how accounting is being transformed in the current digital age. It focuses on the importance of making good decisions in business to create long-term success.

We also look at the key skills required of a modern day leader in finance, including why it is important for professionals to obtain the Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) designation.

The programme features an exclusive interview with retired Chairman of HSBC, Douglas Flint, and news-style piece interviews from The Association of International Certified Professional Accountants.

In addition, it also features case studies and sponsored stories from Justaccounts, Key Computers, Lubbock Fine, NetSuite, Online50, Risk Evolve and Taras Financial Services.

Click on each of our videos below to find out more:

Episode 1 | Welcome with Andrew Harding

Episode 2 | Making Big Decisions - The News report

Episode 3 | The Power of Patterns

Episode 4 | Data Security

Episode 5 | What is coming up next...

Episode 6 | One System from Start up to Success Story

Episode 7 | An interview with Douglas Flint

Episode 8 | Information for better decisions

Episode 9 | How risk evolves - turning risk into opportunity

Episode 10 | More than just numbers

Episode 11 | What is a finance co-pilot?

Episode 12 | What's next, thanks, and goodbye