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University Management Accounting Day CEE 2020

Speaker: Sławomir Huss, ACMA, CGMA


UMAD is an event organised by CIMA in collaboration with prestigious economic universities we partner with.

University Management Accounting Day (UMAD) brings together students, lecturers, best CIMA's employers and employees in Poland and abroad. Attendees can learn about the role of management accounting and its importance for business.

This year, for the first time, the event will be held entirely online. Participation of the world class CIMA experts guarantees the top quality content that is not only up-to-date but also relevant from a global perspective.

The event will begin with a keynote speech Human Signals: New Patterns of Behavior and the Accounting Profession [the COVID-19 crisis] delivered by Slawomir Huss, ACMA, CGMA, Head of Signify Capital Europe. This will be followed by CIMA Business Game, an interactive online competition between students from all participating universities. Students will work in teams on a business case study to find solutions for given problems. Last year over 70 teams participated in this competition and 200 students received special awards from CIMA.


11.00 – Human Signals: New Patterns of Behavior and the Accounting Profession [the COVID-19 crisis]: Slawomir Huss, ACMA, CGMA, Head of Signify Capital, Europe

11.30 – Mackintosh Grant - CIMA Business Game (CEE)

 12.30 – Closing remarks

During the event a lot of attention will be given to the issues of ethics and business culture. By taking part in the business competition students will be given the opportunity to solve business issues and receive professional feedback which constitutes a definitive added value. The tasks performed during the event and the knowledge acquired are a chance to develop skills that are crucial in the current social and economic situation. Remote collaboration, implementing an efficient communication system, tools that facilitate strategic planning of joint projects - these are just several skills that this year's participants will be able to apply and receive professional evaluation on their performance.

Students will also have a chance to virtually meet with their colleagues from leading economic universities from almost all of Central and Eastern Europe, as well as to reach out to CIMA Ambassadors who are often the first point of contact in their dealings with CIMA. 

Human Signals: New Patterns of Behavior and the Accounting Profession 

Sławomir Huss, ACMA, CGMA, Head of Europe, Signify Capital

Slawomir Huss holds position of Head of Signify Capital Europe (previously called Philips Lighting Capital). Since 2014 he has been structuring sustainable and energy efficiency investments across Europe and has been widely supporting LED’ification of corporate and public clients of Philips Lighting. Deeply involved in global transformation to performance-based sales models (i.e. servitization) and implementation of so called ‘Light as a Service’. 15+ years’ experience in Project Finance, Vendor Finance and Corporate Strategy gained in various locations across Europe. 5+ years’ experience in green energy, energy efficiency and sustainable infrastructure finance (ESG), in connection with global ‘Product as a Service’ models implementations.

Since 2014 in PHILIPS/SIGNIFY focused on innovative energy efficiency financing structures and project finance, that directly contribute to the group’s strategy and increase its top line.


21 October, Wednesday | 11am - 1.30pm | online

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