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CGMA Emerging Leaders Competition 2020

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The CGMA Emerging Leaders Competition is a business competition designed to bring out the best in young business leaders of tomorrow. This is an opportunity for university students to showcase their talent in finance and business management.

CGMA Emerging Leaders Competition 2020

Evidence shows that employers do not recruit people based only on their formal qualifications (vocational or academic), but also look for other competences that add value to their organisation.

They prefer flexible workers who are able to adapt quickly to unforeseen changes.

Therefore, individual skills profiles should ideally combine specific skills needed for a job with transversal core skills such as the ability to analyse and organise complex information, take responsibility, manage risks and take decisive actions.

The CGMA Emerging Leaders Competition 2020, run this year in mainland Europe and Eurasia, aims to encourage students to understand the skills of finance professionals required by employers. 

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Competition schedule

When will each round of the competition take place and how it will be run?

Round 1: 7-11 and 18 September 2020

First round of the competition - local finals (7-11 September, face-to-face or online)

Round 1 will be held within each participating university to find a University Champion Team.

On 18 September, all winning teams will simultaneously complete an online CIMA Quiz in order to select only six teams who will compete in Round 2.

Round 2: 5-9 October 2020

Second round of the competition - regional finals of the best six winning teams from participating universities (1st week of October, online)

Round 2 will be held as live video conference. As a result three teams will be shortlisted as the Emerging Leaders Teams.

Round 3: End of October/early November 2020

Grand finals of three winning teams held in Warsaw (the end of October/early November, face-to-face)

Final round of the competition will be held live in Warsaw amongst the top three Emerging Leaders Teams. One team will be crowned the CGMA Emerging Leaders Champion.

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