31 March 2020: Coronavirus Update. The situation is fast moving and we are continuing to monitor the global situation and its impact on our members, staff, exam candidates, students and the profession. More information for Members and Students in My CIMA.

Recruit and train CGMAs

CIMA members have the most relevant, up-to-date knowledge and experience, giving your business an advantage

  1. If you’re thinking of training your staff with CIMA, your business is already on route to a brighter, more profitable future. Add a Chartered Global Management Accountant to your team and: Become a thought leader. A CIMA-qualified Chartered Global Management Accountant is passionate about driving your business forward and being at the forefront of new industry thinking.

  2. Make better decisions. The amount of unstructured data nowadays makes decision-making more important than ever. CIMA teaches Global Management Accounting Principles to help businesses get the best systems in place.

  3. Get the competitive edgeCIMA members have the most relevant, up-to-date knowledge and experience, giving your business an advantage.

  4. Fill clients or stakeholders with confidenceCIMA students gain a new qualification and designation after passing each level. They’ll go from CIMA Cert BA to CIMA Dip MA to CIMA Adv Dip MA, and finally CGMA. These designations reassure people that your staff are capable, reliable and always learning.

  5. Grow tomorrow’s business leadersBy supporting your employees through CIMA, you’ll ensure they have the practical skills and in-depth training they need to understand and manage the biggest challenges facing your organisation.

  6. UpskillingCIMA students gain business-relevant skills from day one, so they’ll add value to your company straight away, even before they’re qualified.

The qualifications: an overview

There are several CIMA qualifications and paths available, and the best route for your staff will depend on their previous experience and future career plans:

CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting

This is CIMA’s entry-level qualification; open to everybody, there’s no previous experience or degree required. It’s a valuable business qualification in its own right, covering topics like basic costing, budgets, probability, analysis for business decisions and company law, but can also be a stepping-stone to the CIMA Professional Qualification.

CIMA Professional Qualification

Employees studying for the Professional Qualification train towards becoming a Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) and gain strategic business and management skills like analysis, risk, planning and communication.

Islamic finance qualifications

CIMA offers award-winning self-study qualifications designed to give students valuable expertise in the complex world of Islamic finance. 

Registering your staff with CIMA

If you’d like an employee to study CIMA, point them to the Join CIMA page and ask them to register as a student via the appropriate route, depending on their past experience. If you are funding their training, they can either register with a company card or pay themselves and claim back the fees from you using the online receipt from their My CIMA account.

 If you would like to register several employees as CIMA students, you can email our business development team or call 020 7663 5441.

CIMA Training and Development Accreditation scheme

Our training and development accreditation scheme promotes organisations that support the lifelong learning of CIMA students and members. Joining the scheme will help your business grow by attracting and retaining top CIMA talent.

Employer resources

We offer numerous resources to help you support the CIMA students or members working with you, as well as insight that can help put your business at the forefront of industry thinking: 

  • Thought leadershipDownload industry-leading research and insight like reports on cloud technology or white papers on creating an expenses policy. 
  • Insight magazine. Sign up to receive Insight, our monthly e-magazine for management accountants offering news and features for finance professionals.

  • CPDThe CIMA continuous professional development policy (CPD) is a lifelong learning framework that means members always stay professionally relevant and competent.

  • Undergraduate Club. You can use the employer’s portal of the CIMA Undergraduate Club to promote your organisation, connect with university students and advertise jobs. Be sure to register your business and set up a profile. 

Student resources

Your staff can log into CIMAconnect, our study support platform, to get free study materials, exam guides, past questions and advice form other students. It’ll recommend relevant resources for the level they’re studying and even award progress badges for every exam they pass to add a bit of extra motivation.