31 March 2020: Coronavirus Update. The situation is fast moving and we are continuing to monitor the global situation and its impact on our members, staff, exam candidates, students and the profession. More information for Members and Students in My CIMA.


Upskill your employees

You already know how valuable AAT students/ members are to your business. Their training gives them the practical skills they need to manage your company’s finances confidently and effectively.  

By developing the capabilities of your staff with CIMA’s qualifications, you’ll ensure they have the most relevant, up-to-date training and experience, giving you a competitive edge and reassuring clients or partners that they’re dealing with the best. CIMA will give your employees a comprehensive knowledge of management accounting, a more in-depth understanding of business, and valuable new skills like decision-making and strategy.

How to support progression

If your staff are thinking of studying with CIMA, you can support them by explaining the benefits of the CIMA qualification and how it can impact – and grow – their role in your business.

For example:

  • Embarking on a CIMA qualification demonstrates to others in the business that they are committed and passionate.
  • They will work towards becoming a fully qualified Chartered Global Management Accountant, with the designation CGMA.
  • They’ll gain new, valuable skills and practical experience that can be applied across the business, not just in the accounts team.
  • Their new skills and experience will mean they can take on more responsibility and perhaps start thinking about moving into a leadership role.

AAT Exam exemptions

If your employees have already competed the level 4 AAT Diploma in Accounting, they’ll be exempt from the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting. That means they can skip five exams and progress straight to the CIMA Professional Qualification.

AAT Students also receive:

  • Four-day exemption processing (as opposed to the standard 20-day processing)
  • 50% off AAT full membership fees while studying the CIMA Professional Qualification

Why encourage your staff to take a CIMA qualification?

With CIMA, your employee will delve deeper into the topics they covered in AAT, gaining new skills like financial analysis, project management, negotiation and leadership. As a Chartered Global Management Accountant they’ll interpret complex information and communicate it effectively across the business. They’ll be trained to make decisions about the future of your company, and to manage risk.

There are two qualifications available:

  • The Certificate in Business Accounting – they’ll start this entry-level qualification if they have not yet completed AAT level 4 Diploma in Accounting
  • The CIMA Professional Qualification – they’ll start with this if they’ve passed level 4 Further information about the study options available for each qualification (tuition classes, online study or self study) can be found on the above pages.

AAT for employees

Share the link to our AAT to CIMA page with your employee so they can find out more and register as a CIMA student.