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The next step for your AAT students

Did you know your AAT students could take the CIMA fast track towards a globally recognised qualification?

By studying to become a Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) they’ll develop their knowledge and increase their chances of a successful career in business or finance. They’ll delve deeper into the topics they covered in AAT and gain a thorough understanding of relevant, business-focused topics like financial analysis, project management, negotiation and leadership, giving them a huge boost in a competitive job market.

CIMA members go on to work in a variety of roles at operational, commercial, management and executive levels, and earn an average salary of over £60,000.

Depending how far into their studies students are, they could be exempt from five CIMA exams so they’ll qualify sooner. And if they’ve already got an AAT qualification they’ll get a 50% discount on full AAT membership while they study with CIMA, giving them free access to events, discounts and online learning materials.

Your students can study CIMA at any time, even before they finish AAT. If they’ve already completed the level 4 AAT Diploma in Accounting they’ll go straight onto CIMA’s Professional Qualification.

In this section you’ll find all the information you need to support your students as they start their careers as management accountants, from an overview of CIMA qualifications for AAT students, to CIMA success stories.

Certificate in Business Accounting

This is CIMA’s entry-level qualification, designed to give your AAT students up-to-date, relevant business and finance experience beyond crunching numbers, with skills like decision-making, calculating probability and basic fraud prevention. . They’ll gain insight into how various aspects of accounting relate to the world of business, and when they enter the job market after university they’ll have a CV that truly stands out. It’s a great qualification in its own right, and it can be a stepping-stone to the CIMA Professional Qualification, which leads to CGMA status. 

With no qualifications necessary and flexible learning options available, it’s ideal for undergraduates who want to study for a professional qualification alongside their current degree. Or they could start studying after they graduate through distance learning, in a lecture room or on the job. 

With a CIMA qualification, your students could go on to work for top organisations around the world in roles like finance director, marketing manager, operations directors and chief financial officer.

CIMA Professional Qualification

Did you know the CIMA Professional Qualification is recognised as the most relevant global finance qualification for business?

AAT Students who already hold a Level 4 qualification can start studying CIMA’s Professional Qualification straight away. This means they could become a fully qualified Chartered Global Management Accountant in just three years and kick-start a highly rewarding career in management accounting.

As well as gaining strong accounting fundamentals, your students will learn valuable strategic business and management skills in areas like analysis, risk, planning and communication. They won’t just be influencing key business decisions – they’ll be making them.

When your students qualify, they’ll receive the globally recognised CGMA designation, opening the door to opportunities in every sector and every department across the world. They could work in a commercial role as a management consultant or marketing manager, or in operations where they’ll use their skills to manage projects and budgets. 

Exam exemptions for AAT Students

AAT students that have competed the level 4 AAT Diploma in Accounting, will be exempt from the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting and they’ll start on our professional qualification. This means they can skip five exams and, thanks to our fast-track AAT to CIMA route, their exemptions will be processed within three working days instead of the usual 20.

Find out more on our exam exemptions page.

The CGMA competency framework

CIMA wants students to have the best chances of success throughout their long careers, so to make them even more employable we’ve created the CGMA competency framework.

Working alongside top organisations worldwide to understand what employers want from their staff, we’ve updated our 2019 syllabus with the key skills and competencies employers look for in finance professionals, like technical, business, leadership and people skills.

By equipping your students with strong, business-relevant skills at operational, strategic and management levels, CIMA will ensure they have the knowledge, experience and confidence to drive businesses forward. 

See our CGMA competency framework to find out more.

Case studies: AAT to CIMA

The CIMA qualification has helped hundreds of AAT students and members enter successful careers with top employers around the world. CIMA members go on to work in roles like managing director, chief executive and finance business partner.

Chartered Global Management Accountant Hayley Hunton is just one of our AAT to CGMA success stories. She studied CIMA after AAT and is now senior finance manager for Bentley Motors Ltd:

‘I would highly recommend taking the CIMA path. Being a CIMA member has given me great opportunities in my career and I am extremely happy with the progression I have made.’

 To find about more about Hayley and to read other CIMA success stories, see our AAT student case studies.

CIMA's thought leadership

As a global leader in management accounting, CIMA’s committed to producing relevant, rigorous and applied research. Our work goes beyond turning your students into business leaders – we also publish industry-leading insight, fund academic programmes and collaborate with partners globally to help people and organisations drive a better, sustainable business performance.

Being at the forefront of new thinking in business management means your students always stay ahead of the competition.

Read our latest CIMA reports and find out how we’re pioneering management accounting. 

Employers that support CIMA

Thousands of top employers around the world qualify their staff with CIMA, including HSBC, Sky, Coca-Cola, Walt Disney, NHS, Transport for London, Ford, Rolls-Royce, KPMG, Zurich and Morgan Stanley. When your students enter the workplace they can ask their employer to invest in their CIMA studies.

For a full list of companies that support CIMA, visit employers we work with.

CIMA resources

On our working with you page, you’ll find CIMA resources to help you talk your students through their options and what a career in management accounting looks like. 

There’s everything from a PDF of our latest prospectus to printer-friendly CIMA posters. You can distribute these around your school or college and help students discover a career they may never have considered.  

Email us if you’d like to receive print copies of CIMA resources.