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From school to CIMA

Start your students on the path towards the most relevant qualification for a career in business

Did you know CIMA is open to everyone, no degree required? Your students can start studying with us as soon as they finish school or sixth form and they won’t need any formal qualifications to apply, just ambition and a willingness to succeed.

Below you’ll find all the information you need to support your students in their search for the perfect career, from an overview of CIMA qualifications for school leavers to how we compare with other accounting bodies. 

CIMA Higher Apprenticeship in Business Accounting

CIMA has partnered with top employers across the country to create the first ever higher level apprenticeship in management accounting. The apprenticeship teaches students business-relevant skills while earning a competitive, full time wage.

Our apprenticeship exposes your school leavers to the world of business and finance and they’ll gain valuable, hands-on experience from day one. With a variety of roles and departments to work in, they’ll enjoy a dynamic start to their career with no waiting around to qualify first.

As well as gaining a thorough understanding of the workplace, students will work towards the Level 4 Diploma in Business Accounting, consisting of five modules that make up the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting.

Find out more about apprenticeships and find vacancies in your area. 

Certificate in Business Accounting

This is CIMA’s entry-level qualification, and with no previous experience or relevant training required, it’s ideal for school leavers thinking about a career in business or finance.

The Certificate in Business Accounting gives students an excellent grounding in basic accounting and business principles, and teaches employable skills like decision-making, calculating probability and basic fraud prevention.

Once your school leavers qualify, they’ll receive the letters CIMA Cert BA after their name and can progress to the CIMA Professional Qualification, the next step to becoming a Chartered Global Management Accountant. 

CIMA through a degree

We’ve teamed up with UK universities to offer your students a unique opportunity to earn a degree while studying a CIMA qualification. By taking the university to CIMA route, students will prove to employers that they’re incredibly motivate, passionate and determined to succeed.

Having a CIMA qualification backed up by a degree will really make your school leavers’ CV stand out in the job market, increasing their chances of landing a top position. So if your students are thinking of studying a professional business qualification but they still want to go to university and get a degree, tell them about the university to CIMA route.

The CGMA competency framework

CIMA wants students to have the best chances of success throughout their long careers, so to make them even more employable we’ve created the CGMA competency framework.

Working alongside top organisations worldwide to understand what employers want from their staff, we’ve updated our 2019 syllabus with the key skills and competencies employers look for in finance professionals, like technical, business, leadership and people skills.

By equipping your students with strong, business-relevant skills at operational, strategic and management levels, CIMA will ensure they have the knowledge, experience and confidence to drive businesses forward. 

See our CGMA competency framework to find out more.

CIMA success stories: from the classroom to the boardroom

The CIMA qualification has helped lots of school leavers start successful careers with top employers around the world. CIMA members go on to work in roles such as managing director, chief executive and finance business partner.

To find out about CIMA success stories, see our school leaver case studies

Employers that support CIMA

Thousands of top employers around the world qualify their staff with CIMA, including HSBC, Sky, Coca-Cola, Walt Disney, NHS, Transport for London, Ford, Rolls-Royce, KPMG, Zurich and Morgan Stanley. When your school leavers enter the workplace, whether it’s straight away or after earning a degree, they can ask their employer to invest in their CIMA studies.

For a full list of companies that support CIMA, visit employers we work with.

CIMA resources

Email us to request all of the CIMA resources you need to help you talk your students through their options and what a career in management accounting looks like. 

There’s everything from a PDF of our latest prospectus to printer-friendly CIMA posters. You can distribute these around your school or college and help students discover a career they may never have considered.