Apprenticeship Scheme

A degree is no longer the only way to achieve a successful, well paid career.

In today's tough job market, having good business and finance knowledge and the practical skills employers need will help set you apart.

CIMA, with an extensive history and knowledge of apprenticeships, has been involved in the development of the new accounting apprenticeship standards for the past two years. The apprenticeship reforms will support an increase in the quality and quantity of apprenticeships so that more individuals have the chance to pursue a successful career in Finance.

Currently, CIMA’s Higher Apprenticeship in Business Accounting is still on offer and is assessed by Oxford Cambridge and RSA (OCR). However, the UK government has introduced new apprenticeship standards which are due to be introduced from May 2017. 

CIMA is working towards being an Assessment Organisation for the new apprenticeship standards, functioning as an End Point Assessor for the Level 4 Apprenticeship Professional Accounting/Tax Technician by 2018.

Until the end of the rephrasing; CIMA will be available to study on the following apprenticeship frameworks and Standards:

  • CIMA Higher Apprenticeship in Business Accounting- Level 4 (Apprenticeship Framework due to be phased out by 2020)
  • Professional Accounting/Tax technician (Apprenticeship Standard ready for delivery since April 2016)

After the completion of either, as a student you will receive the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting and the relevant Apprenticeship Certification. 

We are also working on the trailblazer group for the Professional Accountant Apprenticeship Standard and this is due to be ready for delivery imminently.

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Jargon Buster

With so much information on apprenticeships CIMA want to ensure that employers and potential apprentices understand the impact of new government legislation. The apprenticeships jargon buster was created to answer the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) surrounding the subject.



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