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The Real Cost of Traditional Accounting View 21-Jul-2022
Pulling it all together with Power BI View 18-Jul-2022
Sustainability in Finance  View 15-Jul-2022
Be Cyber Smart View 12-Jul-2022
The Keys to Networking Effectively View 06-Jul-2022
Hot air: The problem with sustainability reporting and how CIMA members can improve it. View 30-Jun-2022
A handy map for the transformation journey View 16-Jun-2022
Accounting and General Regulatory Update View 14-Jun-2022
How flexible finance helps you manage the ‘Never Normal’ View 09-Jun-2022
NLP Chunking – How to chunk information for individuals and Organisations View 07-Jun-2022
IR35 One year on: A market update on the impact of the legislation change View 31-May-2022
How to Unlock FP&A  Insights View 19-May-2022
LIBOR – no longer the world’s most important number View 27-Apr-2022
Charity developments: Changes and Expectations View 26-Apr-2022
Keys to quickly automate your Purchase-to-Pay process from A to Z! View 21-Apr-2022
Cultivating a more agile culture in your business post-lockdown View 20-Apr-2022
CIMA UK Mentoring Scheme - Additional Support Session 'Directive and non directive coaching' View 20-Apr-2022
Useful tax cases update View 12-Apr-2022
How to transition to a more senior role View 07-Apr-2022
3 C’s of Employment Law View 05-Apr-2022
Never mind the future, what about the NOW? How to facilitate agility, resiliency & value add business partnering View 31-Mar-2022
Game-changers that Make Digitalisation the CFOs Top Priority View 24-Mar-2022
Optimising your CV and job search View 23-Mar-2022
From Excel Chaos to Integrated Planning – Plan Confidently! View 22-Mar-2022
CIMA UK Mentoring Scheme - Additional Support Session 'Wheel of Life' View 16-Mar-2022
An Introduction to DAX functions in Power BI View 15-Mar-2022
Anti-Money Laundering/Counter Terrorist Financing View 14-Mar-2022
What next for charities? View 10-Mar-2022
Cyber Essentials – The Key Changes You Need To Know View 08-Mar-2022
The Quick Wins Series; Automation to populate lists (and bonus shortcuts!) View 28-Feb-2022
Making Tax Digital - What you need to be aware of View 25-Feb-2022
How to make critical decisions when the stakes are high View 24-Feb-2022
Skilled Worker Licences for Employers  View 17-Feb-2022
CIMA UK Mentoring Scheme - Induction View 15-Feb-2022
Code for Accountants: Your first step into programming View 15-Feb-2022
CIMA Apprenticeship Programme: An Introduction for organisations View 08-Feb-2022
How to start your Accounts Payable automation project in just one hour! View 07-Feb-2022
How FP&A and Accounting Can Bridge the Data Divide  View 25-Jan-2022
Getting Your Career Back On Track After Redundancy View 19-Jan-2022
CIMA UK Mentoring Scheme - Launch Event  View 18-Jan-2022
Focus on growth: Building Financial Close Frameworks to Thrive in Any Scenario View 18-Jan-2022
Lead Teams that Thrive Without You  View 10-Jan-2022
The Importance of Fluid Skillsets in Finance Teams  View 14-Dec-2021
The Template to Simplification: How to Optimise Your Statutory Reporting Process  View 14-Dec-2021
Anthony Howitt Lecture - Sustainability in Business View 13-Dec-2021
Preparing for 2022; how to get promoted in the next 12 months View 09-Dec-2021
Making Difficult Conversations More Dynamic View 09-Dec-2021
HMRC PAYE checks – Furlough Fraud and IR35 View 07-Dec-2021
Simplifying business operations View 02-Dec-2021
Go beyond Excel – Why do you need a Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting Solution? View 02-Dec-2021
Excel (a further selection of ‘best bits’) View 30-Nov-2021
Scale up to create value with clarity, confidence & energy View 25-Nov-2021
Women in Leadership- Journey to the Top; Women on Boards View 23-Nov-2021
Never Sign on the Dotted Line… Contracts are about trust not terms View 23-Nov-2021
Contracts, covenants and COVID View 22-Nov-2021
Future of Finance: Driving Greater Business Impact through Digital Transformation  View 19-Nov-2021
Applying for CIMA Fellowship – ACMA to FCMA View 18-Nov-2021
Business and Digital Transformation: Find out how to accelerate your digital transformation journey View 17-Nov-2021
The Perfect Business Sale View 11-Nov-2021
Inclusion in the post-pandemic workplace View 10-Nov-2021
Feel like a fake?  How to beat imposter syndrome View 09-Nov-2021
How to overcome challenges arising before, during and after a Financial Close transformation project? View 09-Nov-2021
The Keys to Successfully Selecting a Finance System View 04-Nov-2021
The keys to successful workforce planning View 02-Nov-2021
Reimagining FP&A for an Uncertain World View 28-Oct-2021
Becoming a Non-Executive: Skills, Responsibilities, Challenge and Reward View 21-Oct-2021
All the benefits of a robust corporate Budgeting and Planning  solution – without leaving Excel   View 21-Oct-2021
Why burnout effects grafters and slackers and how to stop it View 21-Oct-2021
How to make Zoom meetings engaging  View 20-Oct-2021
Smarter supply chain planning for an unpredictable world View 20-Oct-2021
Supporting our teams wellbeing into the ‘new normal’ View 19-Oct-2021
Sing-a-long a pivot table View 18-Oct-2021

Charity Accounts - How do they differ from other entity accounts? 



’Big picture’ scenario planning – get ahead of the disruption



Women in Leadership- How can we manage Mental Health in the workplace environment 



The Black Belt Negotiation Formula



Shout 85258: UK Mental Health Trends


Professional ethics: Improving psychological safety in the workplace View 06-Oct-2021
AICPA & CIMA: the opportunity to dare together View 04-Oct-2021
How to retain clients’ throughout their business lifecycle View 30-Sep-2021
Succeed in your Healthy Weight journey: Powerful techniques to shed lockdown weight View 29-Sep-2021
How Extended Planning & Analysis is evolving Financial Planning & Analysis View 29-Sep-2021
Financing Trade in a changing world View 28-Sep-2021
Hot topics in charity tax and accounting View 24-Sep-2021
Taking Charge of Your Career View 23-Sep-2021
Women in Leadership- How the healthcare industry is evolving and the rise of women breaking the glass ceiling?  View 21-Sep-2021
Closing the virtual teamwork skills gap View 20-Sep-2021
SECR – the real challenges of running your own CIMA accountancy business View 16-Sep-2021
Driving impact and efficiency through extended planning & analysis (xP&A) and continuous integrated planning  View 15-Sep-2021
Competing on cost for long term advantage View 15-Sep-2021
Things that go bump in the night View 14-Sep-2021
Automate your Purchase-to-Pay processes with Yooz to regain control over your expenses and foster collaboration with your supplier View 14-Sep-2021
Beyond Budgeting – Business Agility in practice View 09-Sep-2021
CIMA Self Employment - Hits and Misses  View 07-Sep-2021
How AI-infused planning and forecasting are shaping the way finance teams do work View 02-Sep-2021
Budgeting in an uncertain world View 24-Aug-2021
Taking your career by the reigns: A proactive look at career management and development View 03-Aug-2021
Purpose Drives Profit View 28-Jul-2021
The importance of advocacy and how relevant it is to you View 23-Jul-2021
Tax update for busy professionals View 21-Jul-2021
Excel intermediate level skills – A selection of best bits View 20-Jul-2021
The seven habits of highly effective negotiators View 15-Jul-2021
Banking and Finance – what everyone should know but …… View 14-Jul-2021
Introduction to blockchain and decentralised finance View 08-Jul-2021
Mindfulness, Stress and Resilience View 07-Jul-2021
How To Achieve CAPEX Savings and Improved ROI Through Enhanced Controls  View 06-Jul-2021
How SMEs can manage their staff during the COVID vaccine rollout  View 29-Jun-2021
Women in Leadership- Habits that hold Women back View 24-Jun-2021
Change management vs fear of the unknown View 22-Jun-2021
How to increase corporate agility utilising collaborative financial and operational planning during the current disruption View 22-Jun-2021
Preparing for a strengthened UK internal controls regime View 21-Jun-2021
An Introduction to First Aid for Mental Health View 17-Jun-2021
Virtual networking and re-emerging from the oblong box View 15-Jun-2021
Leadership in a Crisis View 08-Jun-2021
Strategic thinking and decision making in a digital world View 07-Jun-2021
Women in Leadership- Developing the mindset & disciplines to get what you deserve View 27-May-2021
Eliminate your accounts payable pain points! The ultimate guide! View 25-May-2021
Leading and engaging your remote workforce View 25-May-2021
It always starts with you View 21-May-2021
Introduction to Power Automate and Power Automate Templates – Time to ‘Go with the Flow’ View 20-May-2021
Developing and sustaining a diverse talent pipeline View 17-May-2021
Making Tax Digital for VAT: Everything you need to know to be ready for Phase 2 View 13-May-2021
CIMA President's Webinar View 12-May-2021
Cyber Defenders Part Two: Secure Cyber Defence View 11-May-2021
Kickstart Scheme View 10-May-2021
Re-imagining business partnering in a post COVID-19 world View 05-May-2021

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Lessons from a finance system implementation
Data analytics: Effective techniques for creating an Excel dashboard
Achieving transformation in finance with connected planning
Delivering innovation with integrated planning
Why cybersecurity is not an IT problem
How to reduce the burden of financial reporting
How to make your accountancy practice most productive, which includes MTD for VAT
Blockchain unlocked
Discover how your finance team can step into the digital age of finance
How artificial intelligence helps finance teams
Mastering compliance: Tips for ensuring expense, invoice, and VAT compliance
Recording your CPD - how to use the Competency and Learning website
Flag it up: Anti-money laundering advice and guidance
Learn how to advance the transformation journey with an easy-to-use cutting edge solution - with quick results
Brexit: The world outside of the EU - charting a new course
Future of finance - getting the digital mindset
Future of finance - getting the digital mindset for members
Agile finance unleashed
Recording your CPD - how to use the Competency and Learning website