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Key tips to passing your P2 exam View 09-03-2023
CIMA Mentoring Scheme, questioning skills View 08-03-2023
International Women's Day View 08-03-2023
Effective Time Management Skills View 07-03-2023
Your Essential Guide to Self-care techniques View 06-03-2023
Business Valuations and Value Drivers View 1-Mar-2023
CIMA UK Mentoring Scheme Cohort 3 induction View 1-Mar-2023
Key Tips to Passing Your F1 Exam View 28-Feb-2023
Lunch with Employers Session 1 - placements View 24-Feb-2023
Key Tips to Passing Your F1 Exam View 23-Feb-2023
Take back control on your expenditures with P2P automation View 22-Feb-2023
Launching Advisory from Compliance View 21-Feb-2023
Supply Chain Security View 15-Feb-2023
How to set up a FD / CFO consultancy practice - a brief instruction manual View 7-Feb-2023
Applying for CIMA Fellowship - ACMA to FCMA View 27-Jan-2023
Addressing the Energy Crisis  View 23-Jan-2023
Intentional goal setting for success in 2023 View 10-Jan-2023
Representing the profession - our advocacy in action View 8-Dec-2022
Imposter Syndrome: why it's toxic and how to beat it View 7-Dec-2022
Prices up, Budgets down: Curb the Effects with AP Automation View 29-Nov-2022
Application of IFRS 16 Leases View 23-Nov-2022
You Can't Stop the Waves, but You Can Learn How to Surf View 16-Nov-2022
Self-Awareness is a Competitive Advantage View 8-Nov-2022
How to get into people's heads View 11-Oct-2022
Leading Change: bringing your people with you View 4-Oct-2022
Corporate Governance - a refresher for company directors and company secretaries  View 3-Oct-2022
Building a Decision-Ready Organisation with Frictionless Finance View 22-Sep-2022
Mindfull of Art Workshop View 15-Sep-2022
Developing your Carbon Management Route Map View 9 Sep-2022
Stamp Duty Errors. Why is HMRC receiving up to £2 billion in overpayments View 8-Sep-2022
Where EDM falls short: Complete Automation for AP View 7-Sep-2022
The Hybrid Workforce - Employment Law Aspects View 6-Sep-2022
The 3 secrets on how to be successful when it comes to your mindset View 5-Sep-2022
Agile Software Development I Effort & Cost Estimation View 18-Aug-2022
The Real Cost of Traditional Accounting View 21-Jul-2022
Pulling it all together with Power BI View 18-Jul-2022
Sustainability in Finance  View 15-Jul-2022
Be Cyber Smart View 12-Jul-2022
The Keys to Networking Effectively View 06-Jul-2022
Hot air: The problem with sustainability reporting and how CIMA members can improve it. View 30-Jun-2022
A handy map for the transformation journey View 16-Jun-2022
Accounting and General Regulatory Update View 14-Jun-2022
How flexible finance helps you manage the ‘Never Normal’ View 09-Jun-2022
NLP Chunking – How to chunk information for individuals and Organisations View 07-Jun-2022
IR35 One year on: A market update on the impact of the legislation change View 31-May-2022
How to Unlock FP&A  Insights View 19-May-2022
LIBOR – no longer the world’s most important number View 27-Apr-2022
Charity developments: Changes and Expectations View 26-Apr-2022
Keys to quickly automate your Purchase-to-Pay process from A to Z! View 21-Apr-2022
Cultivating a more agile culture in your business post-lockdown View 20-Apr-2022
CIMA UK Mentoring Scheme - Additional Support Session 'Directive and non directive coaching' View 20-Apr-2022
Useful tax cases update View 12-Apr-2022
How to transition to a more senior role View 07-Apr-2022
3 C’s of Employment Law View 05-Apr-2022
Never mind the future, what about the NOW? How to facilitate agility, resiliency & value add business partnering View 31-Mar-2022
Game-changers that Make Digitalisation the CFOs Top Priority View 24-Mar-2022
Optimising your CV and job search View 23-Mar-2022
From Excel Chaos to Integrated Planning – Plan Confidently! View 22-Mar-2022
CIMA UK Mentoring Scheme - Additional Support Session 'Wheel of Life' View 16-Mar-2022
An Introduction to DAX functions in Power BI View 15-Mar-2022
Anti-Money Laundering/Counter Terrorist Financing View 14-Mar-2022
What next for charities? View 10-Mar-2022
Cyber Essentials – The Key Changes You Need To Know View 08-Mar-2022
The Quick Wins Series; Automation to populate lists (and bonus shortcuts!) View 28-Feb-2022
Making Tax Digital - What you need to be aware of View 25-Feb-2022
How to make critical decisions when the stakes are high View 24-Feb-2022
Skilled Worker Licences for Employers  View 17-Feb-2022
CIMA UK Mentoring Scheme - Induction View 15-Feb-2022
Code for Accountants: Your first step into programming View 15-Feb-2022
CIMA Apprenticeship Programme: An Introduction for organisations View 08-Feb-2022
How to start your Accounts Payable automation project in just one hour! View 07-Feb-2022

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Agile finance unleashed
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