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The Member in Practice (MiP) volunteer Panel caters for over 1,600 CIMA MiPs, in addition to members considering a self employed route. Whatever stage you are at in your career, your MiP Panel and regional meetings can be a really useful resource – from keeping you up to date on changes in legislation, to providing you with a range of fantastic networking opportunities and links to the profession.

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MiPP Chairman
Garry Thickett -

Garry started work in 1976 for a small firm of local accountants and after 12 months moved into industry for the next 30 years, working in a number of different companies and industries ultimately reaching Finance Director level.

In 1998 he became part owner of a £50m business as a result of an MBO led by himself and a colleague however in 2006, despite developing this company internationally, it unfortunately went into receivership which was the trigger for Garry to set up as a Member in Practice.

Over the past 10 years he has grown his business from sole trader to a company which now employs 5 people with over 200 customers and has grown at a rate in excess of 10% every year since 2010.

After 5 years, Garry has just stepped down as Area Chair for CIMA North East England and, having spent 3 years on the Members in Practice Panel, was appointed Chairman in 2016.

MiPP Secretary
Ian Ross

MiPP Treasurer
Jonathan Nicholls

Any general member/student enquiries should be directed to CIMA contact and not to the Member in Practice Panel (MiPP).

For all queries relating to regulation, MiP applications or renewals, please see the Members' Handbook.

If you are interested in becoming involved and supporting your institute, please get in contact with the MiP coordinator, Anna Willis, at