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Webinar: UK Sanctions relating to Russia: Briefing by UK Government

A recording of the event has now been published on on can be accessed via this link. Further resources for business and humanitarian organisations have also been linked at the foot of this page.

Your work is vital
The business community is playing a vital role in ensuring strong compliance with the sanctions that have been imposed. Indeed many of you have chosen to go further, reflecting a wider public outrage at the way Russia has prosecuted its invasion of Ukraine. Humanitarian organisations are also diligently trying to ensure that ordinary Ukrainians who are affected by the invasion can be can be supported. The FCDO would like to thank you for your efforts in demonstrating the global community's collective willingness to reject the actions of the Russian regime.   

Your views are important.
The FCDO remains very keen to understand the perspectives of business and humanitarian organisations. A number of questions were submitted via the Live Teams event and in advance of that session. Rest assured these will be used to inform future policy and our current outreach services.

The FCDO and our partners across government have opened up a number of channels for communication and made further resources available to ensure you are kept up to date on the latest developments: