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End Point Assessment (EPA) Process

Guidance for Apprentices, Employers and Tuition Providers

Five Steps

Tuition Providers will recommend an appropriate EPA timeline for each apprentice. The EPA assessment process is typically completed in the following order.


Choose target exam date

Apprentices speak with employer and Tuition Provider to decide which exam date to work towards

Apprentices can self-enrol once registered as a CIMA student. Tuition Providers need to update and add to the monthly report with apprentices information.

Looking for exam dates?

Check the timetable for latest exam windows and deadlines.


Schedule Exam

Apprentices schedule their exam

Important - Level 7 apprentices can book their EPA1 exam once they have received their exam credit. However, this is conditional on them passing their gateway by the deadline. EPA1 exam entry closes 1 week before Level 4 exam; 2 weeks before Level 7 exam. 

Pass Gateway

Tuition Providers / employers notifies CIMA when apprentices have pass ed gateway

Gateway deadline is 5 working days before EPA1 exam entry closes

Sit exam

Apprentices complete the EPA1 exam

EPA1 results available 6 weeks after exam

EPA1 and EPA2 can be completed in any order.

EPA2 can be uploaded anytime after the Gateway is passed, at Step 3.


Upload EPA2 submission

Apprentices upload their submission via MyCIMA

EPA2 results available 8 weeks after employer validation

Completed Exams

Successful completion of the Level 7 apprenticeship programme, along with the required work experience, includes the opportunity to directly apply for CIMA membership, with no cost.

Apprenticeship Certificate

CIMA requests certification from ESFA once EPA1 and EPA2 exams have been passed.

Membership application

Apprentices can complete a fast track application to become a CIMA Member.

Apprentices must pass Level 4 EPA1 and EPA2 within 12 months of each other to receive certification