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End-point Assessment

Developed in consultation
with employers and
training organisations

Every apprentice needs to pass an assessment to complete their apprenticeship.

The end-point assessment (EPA) has two components, and is designed to provide every opportunity for the apprentice to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and behaviours they have acquired throughout the apprenticeship programme.


Level 4 Role Simulation

CIMA has designed a role simulation exam that delivers an authentic simulation of core tasks undertaken by an apprentice in the workplace.

This synoptic case study style exam will assess the apprentice’s ability to analyse and respond to a typical set of business-related tasks through a simulation that reflects activities undertaken in a typical role at this level of competence.

Level 7 Strategic Case Study

The SCS is a synoptic exam that combines the knowledge and learning across the three pillars of the strategic level: enterprise, financial and performance.

It is set within a simulated context – based on a real business or industry. This exam is essentially a role-play in which apprentices must focus on setting the long-term strategy for the business. Therefore, in order to do well, apprentices need to understand the industry and their role within the organisation.


Level 4 Reflective Statement and Portfolio

The completion of a reflective statement and portfolio provides an opportunity for the apprentice to demonstrate competency at the required level, as it relates to their own role and organisation.

At the end of the full apprenticeship programme, the apprentice will have a list of substantial achievements to add to their CV.

Level 7 Project Report

The purpose of the project report is for the apprentice to demonstrate how they have developed the skills and behaviours in their recent work experience. The employer must set the apprentice objectives which will allow them to demonstrate the skills and behaviours prescribed in the standard.

Post Level 7 Membership

After successful completion of the program (EPA1), along with the required work experience (EPA2), you have the opportunity to apply directly for CIMA membership, with no cost.

Complete our membership application form, return to us and membership will be awarded shortly after. You will then be a fully qualified CIMA member with the globally recognized CGMA designation.

End Point Assessment Process

Whether you're a Level 4 or Level 7 apprentice, we've made the process to complete your apprenticeship really easy to follow.

We've created a simple step-by-step guide which covers:

  • Scheduling exams
  • Passing gateway
  • Uploading EPA2 submissions

You'll also be able to access the latest exam timetable and submission deadlines.

An easy to follow 5 step process

Read the step-by-step guide

Registration for end-point assessment

Registration of apprentices for the Level 4 or Level 7 end-point assessment is undertaken by a training provider.

Please use this checklist:

  • You must be a training provider (or employer-provider) on the register of apprenticeship training providers (RoATP) with a CIMA end-point assessment contract.
  • Once you have a contract with us, you will be sent details on how to submit your apprentices securely, ready for EPA.
  • Once submitted and processed, an invoice will be sent to you with confirmation of registered apprentices.
  • The apprentices will receive a confirmation with details on how to:
    - book their role simulation (Level 4) or Strategic Case Study (Level 7)
    - submit their Portfolio and Reflective Statement (Level 4) or Project Report (Level 7).

Training providers must complete a contract before CIMA are able to process registrations.

To begin the contracting process, please contact your CIMA representative. If you have not been assigned a representative, please get in touch.



This is your opportunity to get hands-on experience of our computer-based assessments. The question tutorials provide candidates with a demonstration of the online test environment and functionality. It gives you the opportunity to explore this technology and become familiar with how the online system works.

Level 4 - Question tutorial pack

Level 7- Question tutorial pack

Please note: you have to create an account with Pearson Vue and select your exam.


The Reflective Portfolio and Project report can be submitted on demand once the apprentice is registered for end-point assessment.

Policies and additional support

Sometimes there are circumstances where you may need to ask for special accommodations or consideration. We have guidance available on when and how to ask.

Special accommodations policy
Special consideration policy

EPA policies:
General terms and conditions
EPA complaints policy and procedures
EPA enquiry & appeals policy
EPA malpractice policy and procedures


You can purchase resits using the same form you used for registrations.

To purchase resits for the Level 4 or Level 7 End-Point Assessment, you must be a training provider (or employer-provider) with a CIMA contract. If you do not have a contract with us, please see the Registration steps above.

Once submitted and processed, an invoice will be sent to you with confirmation of the purchase.

Pre-seen material 

Level 4 - the role simulation exam pre-seen material applies to the next four EPA1 exam sessions, from September 2022 through to May 2023.


Level 7- the strategic case study pre-seen for November 2022 and February 2023.



This handbook provide information about the Level 4 and Level 7 end-point assessment for all individuals involved; apprentices, training providers, employers and assessors.

Please note: Information is correct at the time of publication. However, the handbook may be updated from time to time to reflect any legislative, policy and/or operational changes.