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The learning journey

Our apprenticeship programme typically takes 18 to 24 months

The full duration for the apprenticeship programme (On-programme training and end-point assessment) is typically 18 to 24 months. Although, some learners may progress faster through the on-programme training.

It is a mandatory requirement of the standard that all apprentices must complete a minimum of 1 year on-programme before being eligible to meet the Gateway requirements and start end-point assessment.

  • Phase 1

    On programme training

    For a minimum of one year

    • Tuition provider registers apprentice for end-point assessment
    • On & Off the job training
    • Completion of training logs
    • English and maths tests are completed if not yet achieved
    • Regular development meetings
  • Phase 2

    Prepare for end-point assessment

    6 months prior to end-point assessment

    • Employer sets apprentice objectives (challenging & significant tasks)
    • Completion of training logs
    • Regular development meetings
    • Development of a portfolio of evidence against Gateway requirements
  • Phase 3


    3 months prior to end-point assessment

    • Apprentice schedules role simulation exam
    • Collate portfolio
    • Mapping is completed against knowledge, skills & behaviours
    • Employer completes Gateway Submission form
  • Phase 4

    End-point assessment

    • Complete role simulation exam
    • Complete reflective statement and portfolio