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Meneka De Silva

Assistant Manager, Transitions and Consultancy, Hayleys Business Solutions International Pvt Ltd

When Meneka completed her Advanced level exams, she began CIMA while she waited for her applications to overseas universities to come into fruition.  By the time the universities she applied for responded, Meneka had already progressed halfway with the CIMA Professional Qualification and she decided to continue with the qualification.  “I gained great practical experience through CIMA,” she says and it eventually paved the way for her to continue a Bachelors degree in Business and Management, via exemptions she gained for CIMA.  Whilst a student, Meneka began working in Hayleys Business Solutions International Pvt Ltd (HBSI) as an intern and today, she is an Assistant Manager, Transitions and Consultancy at HBSI. 

“My role is nothing related to numbers, I give strategic business advice, identifying processes and best practices, whilst taking into account how the business can positively impact people,” elaborates Meneka.  She emphasises that the knowledge she gained from CIMA helps her with analysing and consulting, due to the broad spectrum of subjects covered by the syllabus.  “CIMA gives you a rounded study on all parts of an organisation and you can select which industry you would like to work in as the qualification covers finance, business, HR, marketing, etc.” Meneka states.   

She also believes completing CIMA exams with minimal delays will help students with employment prospects.  Meneka says, “It’s best to think about the time that is wasted when you delay exams – you can achieve anything you want with that.  The sooner exams are completed, the better as it will help you get a job whilst demonstrating good time management skills to your prospective employer.”