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Malith Fernando

Managing Director - Zion Holdings | Managing Partner - Zion Business Management Consultants, Zion Advertising and Zion Flora | Partner - Zion Associates

Malith is the Managing Partner of his group of organisations Zion Business Management Consultants, Zion Advertising and Zion Flora; in addition to being the Managing Director of Zion Holdings and a Partner of Zion Associates. 

His career began with CIMA, when he started attending classes soon after O level exams and was an Operational level student by the time he sat for his A level exams.  He admits it was a hectic time, albeit with many rewards later. 

After A levels, Malith began audit training at one of the big 4 accounting firms, and after 5 years, began the management consulting division at this firm together with a colleague. 

Few years later, he began working at Embark where he lead finance, strategy and new ventures.  

In February 2016 Malith established his own company aimed at helping organisations improve their business practices. 

“CIMA has everything in it – financial accounting, management accounting, marketing, HR, IT, sustainability,” says Malith; and elaborates “I have implemented the Global Management Accounting Principles in all my projects in a range of industries; from fashion, hospitality, CSR, advertising to manufacturing.”   

Looking back, Malith lauds his decision to begin CIMA early (on the advice of a family friend who is also a CIMA member) and says that he even found preparing for his A level exams easier because of the foundational knowledge he gained from CIMA. 

He also recalls the struggles he had with his CIMA exams – there have been several instances where he had to re-sit for exam two or three times. 

“Setting personal goals and following them is the best way to stay motivated,” says Malith who does not believe in delaying exams. 

In addition to CIMA, Malith has also completed an MBA.