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Local interviews

Read success stories from our members, as they share how CIMA has added value to their careers. Our students too share their advice for exam success.

As professionals we have a responsibility to contribute to our country’s development, to take it towards the next phase. It’s in this sphere that CIMA provides us a wonderful platform to enhance our leadership skills in taking up challenging roles.

Manohari Abeyesekera, FCMA, CGMA Director - Hayleys Group Services Read about Manohari's experience being a CGMA and organizing member value events

Managing the customer in a B2B marketing role requires the ability to look at the business from many fronts. This is where the CIMA Professional Qualification has helped me immensely.

Kasuni Silva, ACMA, CGMA MAS Intimates How did Kasuni's career evolve with CIMA? Read more!

CIMA provides a solid ethical structure and capability platform for professionals to succeed in a globally competitive corporate world; equipping them with complex financial knowledge and business acumen for organisational decision-making that creates value for the company, its stakeholders and the planet.

Suren Fernando, FCMA, CGMA CEO, MAS Intimates Read more about Suren's career progression with CIMA

CIMA responds to market needs. It’s aligned with the real world of business.

Sohan Patrick, ACMA, CGMA Deputy General Manager, MAS Fabrics Read more about how both Sohan and his father Angelo began their high-flying careers with CIMA

CIMA prepares you for the Boardroom. This diverse qualification creates value by staying updated in an evolving world. Most importantly, CIMA has a strong ethical framework which will guide you to undertake the right and sustainable actions.

Priyadharshana Ekanayake, ACMA, CGMA National Finance Director, Unilever Sri Lanka Find out more about Priyadharshana's CIMA story here

CIMA has everything in it – financial accounting, management accounting, marketing, HR, IT, sustainability. I have implemented the Global Management Accounting Principles in all my projects in a range of industries; from fashion, hospitality, CSR, advertising to manufacturing.

Malith Fernando ACMA, CGMA Managing Director - Zion Holdings | Managing Partner - Zion Business Management Consultants, Zion Advertising and Zion Flora | Partner - Zion Associates Read more about Malith's story here

CIMA is a broad qualification which helps me give strategic advice. It's not only about the numbers.

Meneka De Silva ACMA, CGMA Assistant Manager, Transitions and Consultancy, Hayleys Business Solutions International Pvt Ltd Read more about Meneka's story here

Exam advice

The exam wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I always had a deadline in mind, as in I scheduled the exam and worked backwards from it. Try not to delay the exam.

Sathya Gunawardana

Exam advice

What I found the most important were the group discussions - a lot of different viewpoints came into play. The focus areas of many questions are similar, and with more practice, you can identify those areas which will help you to pass exams.

Madhara Iddmalgoda

Exam advice

I found typing exam answers a challenge at first. Ideas are there, but sometimes I felt there was not enough time to type them all. So I who worked on increasing my typing speed to get through the exam.

Sajani Piyatilleke

Exam advice

I think it’s best to do the easy questions first, and leave the rest to the latter part. You’ll manage your time better if you attempt the easy questions first and it’ll also make you more confident to attempt the harder ones.

Devin Sibera