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CGMA Finance Leadership Program

Reimagine your career in finance and business. Develop crucial finance and leadership skills sets, that will help you to excel throughout your career.

As the world of finance constantly changes and adapts to new market realities, keeping your skill sets up to date helps you stand out in your career.

The CGMA Finance Leadership Program (CGMA FLP) is a self-study learning and assessment pathway that guides you through the CIMA professional qualification in real-time.

Designed in a digital-first format, the CGMA FLP empowers you to take control of your career development with an integrated learning and assessment solution written by global professionals. You’ll gain a strong grounding in finance and business strategy, as well as the skills and competencies that businesses value.

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What will you learn? 

Technical skills — Applying technical accounting and finance skills in different business situations
Business skills — Transforming data into insights and strategy
People skills — How to communicate, influence, negotiate and collaborate
Leadership skills — Building and motivating teams and driving performance
Digital skills — Manage and guide the finance function in a digital world

Why choose the CGMA Finance Leadership Program? 

The digital-first route that guides you every step of the way:

  • Entirely online - All your learning, assessments and Case Study exam preparation takes place within a comprehensive online platform.
  • Topics are assessed continuously while you learn, in lieu of objective tests.
  • Contains all the resources you need to get the CIMA Qualification.
  • Self-paced digital environment - Online courses you can do anytime, anywhere, at your pace.
  • Tutor videos, interactive exercises, business simulation assignments and mock exams.
  • 1, 2 or 3 year subscription that includes your registration, learning, exam preparation, assessments and exams.
  • Exact same syllabus as the Professional qualification.
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The CGMA Financial Leadership Program offers opportunity to a learner/student to be in charge of their own learning. The Case Study preparation course in particular empowers the learner to approach the assessment with confidence. This unique and holistic approach promotes finance professionals to evolve beyond technical accounting, allowing them to part of the strategic drivers for the business and their own their development.

Dr. Hafeez Rajudin President – Sri Lanka Institute of Credit Management

The system of learning in the CGMA Finance Leadership Program is a world apart from the one we had when I qualified close to half a century ago (gasp!). My limited experimentation with it has impressed me with the relevance and clarity of the messages imparted, and fills me with optimism that the present generation of students will emerge well-equipped to face today's VUCA world

Richard Ebell, FCMA, CGMA CIMA Sri Lanka Past President

Who is CIMA?

The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), is the world’s leading and largest professional body of management accountants. Our unique blend of management accounting, financial accounting and business-focused subjects produces highly-competent and confident Chartered Global Management Accountants (CGMAs) who lead their organisations to sustainable success.

CIMA at a glance

  • 696,000 members, students and engaged professionals
  • 172,000 organisations that employ our members
  • 192 countries and territories where members live