Workshop on applying for Fellowship

Speaker: Melanie J Kanaka, FCMA, CGMA


This workshop has been designed to guide you through the requirements for Fellow Membership and assist you in making a successful application.

You will have the opportunity to interact with assessors who are experienced CGMAs and clarify any questions about the Fellowship application process.

We do hope that you make the best out of this opportunity. Please provide the following information at the point of registration:  

  • Name
  • CIMA Contact ID
  • Designation
  • Organisation
  • Mobile no.


Melanie J Kanaka, FCMA, CGMA is a Global Membership Assessor, Member, CIMA Global Membership Panel and Head of Finance and Administration, Budget, Performance Review and Strategic Planning – South Asia, The World Bank - Sri Lanka & Maldives


To participate in this workshop, please email by 21 April 2017 with the required information.

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