Finance for Non-finance Managers

Speaker: Hussain Moosajee, FCA, MBA (PIM-SJP)


Businesses today revolve round creating an impact among all stakeholders and eventually adding to shareholder value. The implications of finance could thus assist in this endeavour of value creation and overall business growth. However, not understanding the intricacies of finance could significantly affect the development process, at times rapidly seeing the downturn, or even worse unknowingly be that silent killer over the long term.

Who will benefit?

Managers/ Executives in marketing, stores, operations, human resources and other functional managers. In addition entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals will benefit from understanding what makes organisations tick, financially and commercially.

What you can gain

  • Insights on understanding, analysing and interpreting financial statements, presentation of financial data, cost management and decision making.
  • Appropriate skills in finance to deal with the changing business environment.
  • Transform how you think and feel about finance. The sessions will tackle the commonly held beliefs such as “I just can’t do finance,” “Finance just gets in the way of my real job,” or “Finance is complicated, unintelligible and boring.”
  • Gain renewed confidence and ability to make better operational decisions with a desire to tackle them with gusto.


  • CIMA members and students Rs. 8,000
  • Non-members Rs. 10,000
Date 27 June 2017 
Time 8:30am to 4:30pm 
Venue CIMA Auditorium, Colombo 05

Detailed discussion topics

The Big Picture

  • Understand how the world of finance works; company structures and how stakeholder needs drive financial performance requirements. Co-ordination and interdependence
  • Need for information – What, Why, and How?

Understanding of financial accounting terminology

  • Revenue and expenses vs. Cash received and paid
  • Revenue earned vs. Cash received
  • Expenditure incurred vs. Cash paid
  • Balance sheet terminologies
  • Non-Current Assets (Fixed Assets) and Current Assets
  • Current Liabilities and Non-Current Liabilities (Long-term)
  • Equity
  • Depreciation and why a charge for depreciation?
  • Capital vs. revenue expenditure and need for correct identification

The Accounting Process

  • Accounting – as the supply and use of resources

Comprehensive understanding of the 3 types of financial statements

  • Income statement (Profit and Loss account)
  • Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheet)
  • Cash flow statement
  • Exploring the difference between Cash vs. Profit and key levers to make the crucial difference
  • Importance of the cash flow
  • Simple cash flow: Receipts and payments account

Cost analysis 

  • Classification and Behaviour of costs
  • Breakeven analysis
  • Breakeven point
  • Determining target profits using the concept of breakeven
  • Relevant costs and fundamentals in decision making using relevant costs

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Hussain Moosajee, FCA, MBA (PIM-SJP) - Corporate Trainer/ Consultant


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