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AAT Passed Finalists / Member

Enhance your AAT qualification with CIMA and become a Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA)! AATSL qualified passed finalists and members can enter CIMA Operational Level to uplift their skills and competencies with a global mindset to conquer the business world.

Congratulations on getting your AAT qualification.

You can now get fast-tracked into the CIMA® Professional Qualification and start directly at the Operational level.

The CIMA Professional Qualification builds on what you’ve already learnt and increases your proficiency in finance and business. It’s globally recognised and will open doors for promotions, better salaries and career opportunities as you pass each level of the qualification.

As an AAT graduate, you’ll be exempted from five exams. That means you will get the CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting just by clearing the three Operational level exams — saving GBP 440 (about Rs 100,000) in the process.

Deadline: Register before 15 July 2020 to enjoy this special offer.

Please fill the form on the right side to register.

Contact us:

CIMA Sri Lanka
Hotline: (+94) 759 757 757 | (+94) 757 903410

For more information about the CIMA-AAT pathway, click or tap on the PDF below:

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