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The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants® (CIMA) Singapore has partnered with Singapore Management University (SMU), on SMU-X, an experiential learning framework, in creating programmes that are specifically cater to the SMU community.

About SMU-X
SMU-X is an experiential learning framework where students tackle real-world opportunities by taking on projects from companies and community organizations – a paradigm shift which focuses on learning as opposed to teaching as well as a mindset shift to get the university to collaborate both internally and external stakeholders.

SMU-X endeavours to get the SMU community to collaborate and step out of their current silos. It aims to be a better city university, and for SMU students and faculty to work actively with the community to create meaningful impact. Each party brings their expertise and industry-specific viewpoints in a collaborative approach using both disciplinary knowledge and multi-faceted perspectives. Responding to the learning styles and motivations of today’s students, faculty and industry partners, SMU-X has two areas of focus:


The SMU-X curriculum is built on four principles:

  1. Project-based experiential learning – SMU combines academic with experiential learning through the heavy use of projects from industry partners;
  2. Interdisciplinary approach – SMU challenges students to use their disciplinary knowledge and skills to tackle real-world opportunities through interdisciplinary approaches and activities;
  3. Active mentoring – SMU seeks to partner with corporate, non-profit and government-sector organizations. Industry partners and faculty are involved in active mentoring so that students benefit most out of this deep relationship;
  4. Tripartite learning loop – Students get a better understanding of what it means to use theory learnt outside the classroom; faculty learn how real-world adapts theories; industry partners deepen their own learning through faculty and students’ findings. This inculcates in our students, faculty and industry partners the value of continuous learning which is imperative going forward given our rapidly changing economic conditions.

Learning Spaces

SMU-X is also about flexible learning spaces. As SMU believes that non-traditional pedagogy should be supported by active spaces, SMU-X teaches these electives in a flexible learning environment designed for collaborative work. SMU Labs is designed to support the SMU-X mind-set and curriculum. It is a 24/7 co-working learning hub to facilitate the coming together of individuals and groups to work on projects. SMU Labs also acts as a test bed for new ideas as well as space-planning to facilitate learning and living by today’s students.   

SMU-X Adjunct Teaching Mentor (ATM)

The SMU-X curriculum combines academic with experiential learning, challenging students to use their disciplinary knowledge to tackle real world issues through inter-disciplinary approaches.

SMU-X Adjunct Teaching Mentor (ATM)


Each course involves partners from corporate, non-profit or government-sector organisations in project design and content delivery, enabling partners and faculty to actively mentor students in the process. As such, the time and effort required of an SMU-X course instructor are significantly more than what are required in a typical regular course.

In order to better support faculty members keen to develop and conduct SMU-X courses, SMU is seeking Adjunct Teaching Mentor(s) to share the mentoring, facilitation, and administrative workload with the SMU-X course faculty.


The ATM is expected to serve as faculty advisor for up to five teams of 4-6 students and personally meet the teams for mentoring sessions throughout the semester. They will also assist the faculty in identifying and recruiting speakers where required, attend mandatory events and give feedback to faculty on students’ performance to date, including suggestions for improving upon sub-par performance. ATMs are responsible for supporting SMU-X faculty so as to ensure projects maintain standard of academic rigour set out by SMU and the SMU-X faculty.

The SMU-X faculty is still ultimately responsible for the course as a whole, including (but not limited to) ensuring academic rigour of the course in relation to the project scope, deliverables required, and assessment process, standards and integrity. 


SMU is keen to invite candidates who have demonstrated advanced levels of subject knowledge or have commercial / industrial experience related to specific SMU-X courses to be ATM. The ATM should also have effective interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to supervise students and provide advice on study skills.

You can register your interest directly with Teck Hoe at

* Please note that your details will be shared with SMU upon registration.

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