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CGMA Academic Pathway

A global designation for academicians

A fast track route designed for academicians.

CGMA Academic Pathway

As academicians, we value your expertise and work experience in teaching and delivering management accounting knowledge to prepare students for a career in business and finance. That is why we designed the fast track CGMA Academic Pathway so that you can become a Chartered Global Management Accountant CGMA designation holder in the shortest time possible. Take only the Strategic Case Study exam and you’ll be awarded the CGMA designation, recognising your value and showcasing your professionalism.

Entry requirements

It is open to all academicians with requirements below:

a) PhD or Masters in Accounting, Business or Management, and

b) A minimum total of six years undertaking management accounting research and/or teaching management accounting.

Study and qualification

Successful candidates who are accepted into the CGMA Academic Pathway programme will prepare for the last exam of the CIMA qualification - a three-hour case study exam. The exam primarily involves the application of strategic management accounting techniques to analyse, recommend and support decisions, areas which fall within the job scope of senior management.

Upon successful completion of this exam and successful membership application, academicians will qualify for CIMA membership and earn the professional global designation of Chartered Global Management Accountant CGMA.


All successful candidates must attend a revision workshop before they are allowed to attempt the Strategic Case Study exam.   

How to apply

Step 1

Complete and submit the application form with the following supporting documents:

  • CV and detailed record of experiences - covering current and past employment history with detailed explanation of responsibilities and education history.
  • Highest education document (both certificate and transcript).

Candidates will be contacted if an interview is required.

Step 2

CIMA admits the candidate into the programme. Candidate will make the necessary payments.

Step 3

Attend a 3-day face-to-face SCS revision workshop.

Step 4

Sit for the Strategic Case Study exam.

Step 5

Apply for CIMA membership upon passing the Strategic Case Study exam.

Conditions of acceptance into the programme

  • Candidates must submit all the relevant documents mentioned above. A decision will be made by CIMA after the reviewing the application form and CV. Candidates will be contacted if an interview is required.
  • All related work experience for CIMA membership must be filed before attempting the CIMA exam.

Strategic case study exam

The strategic case study exam is based upon a case study that is set within a simulated business context relating to one or more fictionalized organisations. The context described in the case study is based on a real business or industry. The case study therefore has no specific syllabus content of its own. It primarily involves the application of strategic management accounting techniques to analyse, accounting techniques to analyse, recommend and support decisions.

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