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Looking for training, social and networking events in Singapore? We run business, finance, management and networking events and courses around the world. CIMA students and members also enjoy special rates at events supported by CIMA.

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Our CIMA Singapore events offer you the opportunity to develop your skills with locally organised events as well as providing networking opportunities with other like-minded peers. Click below to view a list of upcoming events or some of the exciting past events of CIMA Singapore.

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2019 CPD events

We are happy to announce a collaboration with Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA). You may now register for any CPD events from ISCA at 10% discount rate of non-member price stated.

To know more, please go to this website below and look out for Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants tab. 

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Other events supported by CIMA

Governance Symposium 2020

Date Event Speaker Time Venue  
23 March 2020 (Monday)

Governance Symposium 2020 - Driving Governance in the New Decade : The Future Begins Now

(Jointly organise with Malaysia Institute of Corporate Governance (MICG)

Multiple speakers 9.00am - 5.00pm Connextion Conference & Event Centre @ The Vertical, Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur Register now

Climate Change Conference 2020

Date Event Speaker Time Venue  
14 April 2020 Climate Change Conference 2020 - Accountants : Changing the Course of Climate Change Multiple Speakers 9.00am - 5.00pm Connexion Conference & Event Centre @ Nexus, Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur Register now

IVAS-IVSC Business Valuation Virtual Conference 2021

As the world grows more socially conscious and technology-driven, long-term value creation becomes increasingly dependent on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors as well as intangible assets. As regulators, investors and stakeholders focus more attention on these metrics, Business Valuation must continue to evolve to support these parameters.

Asia Pacific's leading Business Valuation conference, the IVAS-IVSC Business Valuation Conference 2021, is themed 'Reframing Valuations: Intangibles, ESG and Long-Term Value'. Join this regional platform for insights on assessing, reframing and growing long-term corporate value.

The conference is in its 5th edition this year. Organised by the Institute of Valuers and Appraisers, Singapore (IVAS) in partnership with the International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC), it draws thought leaders, policy makers, business leaders, legal professionals and fellow Business Valuation professionals for discussions on key topics relevant to investors, stakeholders and valuers.

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ACRA's AML/CFT Survey for Accountants

Dear CIMA Member,

1 We would like to seek your assistance to participate in an Anti-Money Laundering / Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) survey for accountants conducted by ACRA. The purpose of this survey is to help ACRA better understand the role accountants play in combating ML/TF in Singapore, particularly when accountants are involved in preparing or carrying out certain transactions on behalf of clients concerning activities which have been designated by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) to be susceptible to ML/TF risks (herein referred to as “FATF-designated activities”). These activities relate to the: 

i. Buying and selling of real estate; 

ii. Managing of client money, securities, or other assets; 

iii. Management of bank, savings, or securities accounts; 

iv. Organisation of contributions for the creation, operation, or management of companies; and 

v. Creation, operation, or management of legal persons or arrangement, and buying and selling of entities.

2            The survey would take approximately 5 – 15 minutes to complete and comprises 8 main questions (with additional 10 drop-down questions which are to be completed for “yes” responses). The survey is hosted via the FormSG website, a government online portal, and can be found at this link. The survey will be open from 1 November 2021 to 1 December 2021.

3            Please note that you will only need to complete the survey if you are:

a) A professional accountant in public practice, i.e. you own, control or is employed by a professional firm that provides professional services. 

b) Involved in preparing for or carrying out transactions for clients concerning FATF-designated activities.

You may refer to the survey instructions for further definitions. If you are also a member of other professional accountancy-related bodies, you would only need to respond to this survey once.

4            As indicated in the survey, no personal data will be collected from you for the purposes of this survey and the information collected will be analysed at an aggregated level.

5            We look forward to and appreciate your participation in ACRA’s survey. Thank you.



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