CGMA® Finance Leadership Program (FLP) Singapore

Businesses around the world are looking for professionals who can drive impact, deliver solutions and create value — all skills globally associated with CGMA designation holders.

You can become a CGMA designation holder through the CGMA Finance Leadership Program (FLP), our new digital-first learning and assessment platform.

Through the FLP, you’ll learn crucial marketplace competencies and apply your skills in real-world business situations.

What is the CGMA Finance Leadership Program?

The Finance Leadership Program is a digital-first pathway to completing the CIMA Professional Qualification. The FLP includes the learning you require to complete the qualification, both competency building and exam preparation, all in one place.

What are the benefits of the CGMA Finance Leadership Program?

1. Develop a globally in-demand career. Companies around the world demand the knowledge and skills of management accountants.

 2. Earn higher salaries. As you progress through the qualification, your salary can increase as soon as you start studying, and continue to rise as you qualify as a CGMA designation holder.

3. Gain unprecedented access to different industries and business functions. Once you qualify as a CGMA designation holder, you will understand all areas of business. As a result, you can choose from a much wider range of roles and industries.

4. Digital-first learning and assessment The CGMA FLP offers an immersive, personalised and highly practical learning and assessment experience. You don’t just study scenarios, you build the real-world experience you need to become a leader.

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Where does CIMA® fit in?

The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants® (CIMA) is the world’s leading body of management accountants, delivering the most relevant qualification for business career business. When you join CIMA, you invest in your career development and learning — and we become your lifelong partner through it all. Once you qualify with CIMA, you’ll also become a member of the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants® , powered by CIMA and our partner, the American Institute of CPAs® (AICPA®).