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Rashna Saqib Qazi

Full Name: Rashna Saqib Qazi
CIMA Entry Route: Cert BA
CIMA award achieved so far: Dip MA

1: How does it feel to pass your CIMA exams?
It feels great. I feel immensely satisfied that what I study, I’m able to grasp, interpret and apply.

2: What was your chosen study method? Why did this work best for you?
I opted for tuition, as I enjoy learning in a small-group environment, where I have the opportunity to interact with the tutors and access to a platform where I can exchange ideas with other students through group discussions. I find that this boosts my confidence. This method really worked for me and I would ensure to write down important points delivered by the tutors, and give each exam at least one month of focused preparation, going through the study materials at least twice before sitting for an exam. This gives me in-depth understanding of each and every syllabus topic.

3: What did you find the biggest challenge and how did you overcome this?
The most difficult aspect was achieving good typing speed for the case study exam. I pushed myself to practice, practice and more practice! 

4: How did you balance studying with work and your personal life?
I'm a night person so I keep studies confined to night while my evenings are spent giving tuition. I believe you just have to find what works best for you in your circumstances. It's all about self-discovering.

5: If you could give one key piece of advice to another student scheduling their exam tomorrow, what would it be?
Be 100% sure about your preparation. Avoid leaving anything vague and to chance.