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Amin Akbar

Full Name: Amin Akbar
Country of Residence: Pakistan
Occupation: Accountant
Organisation: Sadiq Feeds Private Limited, Pakistan.
CIMA Entry Route: Cert BA
CIMA Level: Member. ACMA, CGMA

1: How does it feel to pass your CIMA exams?
I feel really honoured to have passed the CIMA exams and become a CIMA member. I have completed my quest of becoming a CGMA.

2: What was your chosen study method? Why did this work best for you?
I have always gone for conceptual understanding of text, it gives me ideas and the courage to tackle questions and scenarios in the exams; and also to handle real life scenarios. I’m not into memorising and copy-cat strategies for gaining marks.

3: What did you find the biggest challenge and how you overcome this?
I guess studying for the CIMA qualification straight after my Intermediate was a challenge for me, I wasn’t familiar with the global business environment, the challenges and how to tackle them. CIMA gave me the launching pad to boost my knowledge and understanding of the business environment. I can proudly say CIMA made me who I am today!

4: How did you balance studying with work and your personal life?
It’s very easy. You just need to be active. Time itself gives you time to perform all your personal, educational and work related duties. CIMA text is not hard its user friendly and understandable. It does not bind you with a time limit. You can prepare easily and attempt an exam when you are ready.

5: If you could give one piece of advice to another student scheduling their exam tomorrow, what would it be?
Be positive! Work hard! Commit to your exams and you will succeed.