Update 20 November 2020- Remember - for CIMA online exams, your exam conditions start as soon as you are met by the greeter who will check your ID. At this point you must not leave the webcam view. England test centres remain closed until Wednesday 2 December 2020 (for exams booked with a training provider, please contact your training provider for information). Remote online exams are available. Find more information here:

Wall of Fame

Here you will find our monthly Wall of Fame, a listing of students who have successfully passed a CIMA exam and our Feature Stories where students and members reveal why they choose to study CIMA, how they completed the exams and the many advantages it has brought them in forging their careers

CIMA gave me the launching pad to boost my knowledge and understanding of the business environment. I can proudly say CIMA made me what I am today.

Amin Akbar CGMA,ACMA Accountant Read more on how CIMA has influenced Amin's career

The CIMA syllabus is a perfect start for a growing professional

Muhammad Karimuddin Senior Manager Mergers & Acquisitions - Almarai Ltd Read more on how CIMA has influenced Muhammad's career

CIMA, as I've experienced, can be the single most important factor to provide you with an edge over your peers. Therefore if you wish to pursue a career as an accounting/finance professional CIMA is my earnest recommendation.

Farooq Hussain Mughal President and CEO Etimaad Engineering Pakistan Read more on how CIMA has influenced Farooq's career

CIMA's curriculum has been developed to impart technical education in a manner that can help finance professionals discharge their responsibilities in a more holistic and insightful manner.

Noaman Abdul Majid Country Manager for Oman - Pak Oman Investment Company Read more on how CIMA has influenced Noaman's career

My biggest challenge was time management

Muhammad Athar Jamal Deputy Director- Audit & Investigations Learn how Muhammad overcame this challenge

The most difficult aspect was achieving a good typing speed

Rashna Saqib Qazi Learn how Rashna overcame this challenge