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CGMA Corporate Professional Pathway

Your work experience counts. Expand your career horizon with the CGMA Corporate Professional Pathway, designed with multiple entry points to the CIMA Professional Qualification based on your work experience in finance, accounting and business functions

CGMA Corporate Professional Pathway

There are four levels of entry depending on your work experience:

Entry point Minimum work experience required Award
Strategic Case Study
  • Contributing to strategic decisions that affect the organisation’s future direction and success
  • Providing technical leadership and being accountable for providing advice on technical issues
  • Leading and developing significant operational/functional areas within an organisation and being accountable for achieving business objectives
  • Formulation or control of strategic management and financial plans
  • At least 10 years' work experience
CGMA designation and CIMA membership (after successful membership application)
Strategic Level
  • Implementing business strategies from finance perspectives
  • Identifying and managing risk at a lower level
  • Implementing financial strategy
CGMA designation and CIMA membership (after successful membership application)
Management Case Study
  • Dealing with stakeholders and implementation of projects
  • Making product and pricing decisions
  • Performance evaluation of divisions or component parts
  • Knowing how the business impacts on the financial statements and ability to analyse the performance of the organisation through financial statements
CIMA Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting
Operational Case Study
  • Analysing the structure of the organisation as well as cross-functional communication
  • Costing and/or budgeting
  • Preparing part of or entire financial statements including group accounts
CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting

View the complete CIMA Professional Qualification syllabus.

The process

1 Candidate completes the application form and submits CV, highest academic document and ID/passport.
2 CIMA admits the candidate into the programme. Candidate makes the necessary payments.
3 Candidate attends revision classes or study online to prepare for the exam.
4 Candidate sits for the exam(s).
5 Candidate receives the respective award.

Study support

You have an option of face to face revision classes or online study.


  • Preparation for the case study exams will take about six to eight weeks.
  • There are four windows a year when you can sit for the case study exams (February, May, August and November).
  • You can sit for the exam at any of the Pearson Vue test centres nearest to you.
  • The exam is computer-based and it is three hours long. It is set within a simulated business context relating to one or more fictionalised organisations and it is based on a real industry.
  • Six weeks before the actual exam, CIMA issues the case study pre-seen material. It gives you an opportunity to preview the case study and learn about the industry. On the real exam day, the ‘unseen material’ will be provided to you, with questions that you will need to answer. The case study incorporates calculations, short answers and essays. Its focus is on application, analysis and evaluation.


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