31 March 2020: Coronavirus Update. The situation is fast moving and we are continuing to monitor the global situation and its impact on our members, staff, exam candidates, students and the profession. More information for Members and Students in My CIMA.


CIMA is currently offering all students residing in GCC the following exciting offers to help you progress:

Free CIMA aptitude TWO

Free CIMA aptitude TWO

Use CIMA aptitude TWO to familiarise yourself with the syllabus and assessment method. It is the perfect tool for exam preparation and practice. These are timed, end-of-course assessments that allow you to test your knowledge in preparation for your next Professional Qualification objective test exam.

To avail this offer just book for any Professional level Objective Test exam before 25 November 2017.

Email to say you've booked and we'll send you the Free CIMA aptitude TWO promo code!

Learn more about CIMA aptitude TWO here

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