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Islamic finance qualifications

CIMA leads in Islamic Finance through a suite of award-winning self-study qualifications that meet market demands and requirements.


Why Islamic Finance?
Islamic banking is seen as an alternative to traditional finance. With the Islamic banking market valued at over USD1.1 trillion, combined with the estimated growth rate of up to 20% year on year, the need for human capital to bring Islamic finance to the level at which it deserves and meet its markets demands is higher than ever.
At least 50,000 professionals are needed within the industry over the next seven years

What to be part of this industry?
Equip yourself with the relevant knowledge by considering the most suitable Islamic Finance qualification CIMA has to offer. To find the most suitable qualification for you just select what closest matches your current situation from the list below.

'Best Training Institution'

In 2015 at the Islamic Business & Finance Awards, CIMA's Qualifications in Islamic Finance won the award for 'Best Training Institution' for our outstanding contribution towards the training and education of professionals in the field of Islamic Finance.

Learn more about this award winning qualification below.

'Best Islamic Finance Education Provider'

In 2013 CIMA was awarded the 'Best Islamic Finance Education Provider' by the Global Islamic Finance Awards (GIFA) committee.

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Fees listed below for the Certificates, Diploma and Advanced Diploma include all study materials you will required, including a comprehensive study guide, two exam attempts for the assessment and online support materials.

Certificate in Islamic Commercial Law GBP275
Certificate in Banking and Takaful GBP275
Certificate in Islamic Capital Markets and Instruments GBP275
Certificate in Accounting for Islamic Financial Institutions GBP275
Diploma in Islamic Finance (saving of GBP110 by purchasing the certificates together)  GBP990
Advanced Diploma learning package (only available on completion of the Diploma in Islamic Finance or through the gateway assessment exam) GBP1000
Gateway assessment for fast-track entry onto the advanced diploma GBP150
Further resit of a certificate assessment GBP60
Further resit of the advanced diploma GBP90