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Thida Oo

For Thida Oo, winning a world prize from CIMA for scoring the highest mark in the world for the CIMA Professional Gateway exam came as a delightful surprise. For the first time in the history of CIMA, a student from Myanmar has won the top spot in the world.

Full Name: Thida Oo

Occupation: Lecturer and Course Director / Consultant

Organisation: Zaw Business School / Zaw Business Consulting


CIMA Entry Route: Professional Gateway

CIMA Level/Award achieved so far: ACMA, CGMA

Thida Oo is currently a lecturer and course director at Zaw Business School and a consultant at Zaw Business Consulting in Myanmar. She took just six months to study for the Professional Gateway exam, an assessment open to those who have a professional qualification from an accounting body that is a member of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC). For Thida Oo, she finds the CIMA qualification to be particularly useful for her consultancy work as the qualification focuses on a variety of acumens such as business, finance and management.

On her secret of such outstanding success in her exam, Thida Oo said: ‘I attend classes without missing any lessons, and I study regularly. I also practise past exam questions to build my confidence and I sit for internally assessed mock exams. Do not spot exam questions as no one has a crystal ball to predict the questions.’

Her advice for CIMA students is:

  • Firstly, choose a competent lecturer for your studies.
  • Secondly, regularly attend classes without missing any lesson.
  • Thirdly, study and prepare well for the exam.
  • Finally, practise past exam questions and sit internally assessed mock exams.

Additional tips from Thida Oo:

  • Set your mind for the exam with a "I can do" attitude.
  • Dedicate a time for study and concentrate on the exams.
  • Never give up or quit studying CIMA because the CIMA qualification is globally recognised.

Her final say: ‘This award is a motivation for me and our CIMA students to go forward and work even harder to fulfil our dreams. My sincere gratitude goes to Zaw Business School, especially to the principal, Dr. Zaw Win Thein, and CIMA for helping me to achieve a globally recognised award. I am looking forward to further success through the CIMA qualification and the prestige that comes the qualification.’

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