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Syukri Ismail

Syuqry Ismail completed his CIMA Professional Qualification before the age of 21!

Full Name: Syukri Ismail

Occupation: Risk Performance Executive

Organisation: Petronas, Malaysia

CIMA Entry Route: 

CIMA Level/Award achieved so far:

Why did you choose CIMA as your preferred professional accounting body?

Why not? I mean think about it. While every other accounting qualifications prepare its students to be good public accountants, we are trained to become the industry's leaders. I don't want to be looking at numbers all day and I surely want the flexibility of moving from one field to another. CIMA provides just that and more. It gives you the knowledge and comprehension on how businesses work.

CIMA teaches you to not just look at sales, but how to maximise profits. It doesn't only provide you with insights on how an organisation should work, it makes you grasp how the overall business world functions.

If you want to be an accountant, go for a degree. If you want to be a business mastermind, take CIMA!.

Tell us more about your student journey with CIMA.

I chose CIMA having no background at all in accounting. It was quite difficult at first but with all the support in the world (I am saying this due to the fact that CIMA is global), I should say I enjoyed the journey. My parents, friends, lecturers were all there, through thick and thin. For that, I am very grateful!

The most interesting experience of being a CIMA student is that everything you learn is so practical. I was a student President back in 2013/2014 for an establishment called the Association of Professional Accounting Students (APAcS), back in UiTM Shah Alam. At that time, I was sitting for all 3 of my strategic papers first time. It wasn't unfortunate at all. The syllabus complements what I was doing then, as a President and the practicality of what I learnt in class was very obvious, especially due to the fact that I had to always call the shots.

My CIMA journey is not all about what I was taught in class. It's more than that. Throughout the three years of taking this qualification in UiTM, I went through countless ups and downs which all turned into maturity, experience, right choices, friendships and the strong will to strive further.

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