Pang Ye Fun

Full Name: Pang Ye Fun

Occupation: Senior Accounts Executive

Organisation: Multimax Development Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

CIMA Entry Route: 

CIMA Level/Award achieved so far: Strategic level

Pang Ye Fun is currently a Senior Accounts Executive at Multimax Development Sdn Bhd. His main tasks are preparing budgets and management accounts. He also assists in preparing a detailed feasibility study report (which includes financial analysis) for property development projects.

What value do you think the CIMA qualification will bring to your future career?

The CIMA qualification signifies a high competency in management accounting. It is a credible signal to employers and our colleagues that we are competent in accounting, finance and management. Therefore, it shows that we can play an important role in the process of making important decisions for the company and can be trusted in high-level positions.

What do you think is the most important thing that sets CIMA apart from other professional accounting qualifications?

The most important difference is that CIMA provides a broader perspective since it does not just focus on the accounting and finance aspects. It also teaches us well to look from the business and risk management perspectives too. 

This broader perspective is very important for accountants now. More and more companies are forming cross-functional teams to solve problems and make decisions. The modern accountants are expected to play an active role in such cross-functional teams and work with professionals from other fields to make business decisions. Therefore, accountants should be equipped with both the technical knowledge (accounting and finance) and the broad business knowledge to be able to contribute and communicate with others well to make good business decisions in such teams. This is in contrast to the past where accountants would just work in the back end role and have minimal interactions with people from other fields.  

Did you study CIMA on your own or did you get tuition from any source

Except for the Strategic Case Study exam, I studied CIMA using BPP recorded online lectures, where I can listen to it in my own free time.   

How did you prepare for the Strategic Case Study exam? Which study resources did you find most helpful?

I prepared for the Strategic Case Study exam on my own. I reviewed the past strategic level contents to refresh my memory and thought about how these contents could be applied to the given case study. This method is very useful. 

What was your biggest challenge with the Strategic Case Study exam?

The Strategic Case Study exam is very different from past CIMA exams in terms of the broad content scope where knowledge from the Enterprise, Performance and Financial pillars will all be tested. Hence, the biggest challenge is to integrate these three perspectives and formulate a sound proposal for the problem in hand.

As a world prize winner (joint 5th placing), what are the key points should students observe when writing the answers for the case study?

As required by the case study exam, students need to display competencies in four aspects: Technical, People, Business and Leadership. Hence, when formulating a proposal, students need to analyse from these four perspectives and come up with recommendations that try to encompass these.

Secondly, answers should be concise so as to be clear and time-efficient. It should also be organised and structured in an easily understandable manner.

Thirdly, the proposed recommendations should be practical and relevant to the problem

When you received the pre-seen material, what did you do with it? Were there discussions with your friends/lecturers, further research on the industry, what further resources did you use - online and offline?

I read through the pre-seen materials multiple times and analyse it in these 3 strategic perspectives; Enterprise, Performance and Financial. I did not discuss with anyone else. However, I did some research by reading on the annual reports of companies that are very similar to the one described in the case study to understand more about the industry’s business environment to ensure that my recommendations will be relevant. 

What are your career aspirations for the future?

My career aspiration is to be a property developer. Hence, it is important to broaden my skills and experience in other aspects like project and marketing.

What do you do in your free time? Any interesting hobbies?

I like to read up on property development, real estate and architecture books since I am interested in this field. I would also go to different areas to observe understand the real estate market over there.

I also maintained a disciplined routine where I exercise in the gym regularly. It is important, as my current job role requires me to sit in the office for a long time.

How do you keep yourself up-to-date with current affairs around the world? Any particular news channel or magazines that you like to view/read?

I read up on magazines like PropertyInsight and iProperty to keep up on the happenings in Malaysia’s real estate market. For general news, I would look at The Straits Times.

Name the top three personal values that are important to you.
Excellence, Determination and Integrity

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