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Mohd Tahir Kader Mohideen

Mohd Tahir is a CIMA World Prize Winner for the T4 Part B Case Study (now known as Strategic Case Study) exam in 2014. He is also one of the candidates who pursued the CFO Programme.

Full Name: Mohd Tahir Kader Mohideen (right)

Occupation:  General Manager, Finance and Controlling

Organisation: A leading automotive company, Malaysia 

CIMA Entry Route: CFO Programme

CIMA Level/Award achieved so far:

Please provide a short introduction of yourself.

Presently I am working as a General Manager in one of the leading German automotive companies based in Malaysia. My current role includes leading the overall financial planning, financial analysis, strategic and operative planning, risk management, feasibility analysis, ensuring adequate internal controls, optimization of capital structure and general business partnering function in steering various business units’ performances within the organization. 

I am an accounting graduate from International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) and I completed my MBA with distinction in University Malaya

Why did you apply for the CIMA CFO Programme?

My main aim was to keep myself abreast with developments in the area of management accounting specifically and with the accounting profession rapidly evolving with myriad changes and business demands, a professional qualification such as CIMA would be a great asset to have in order to be more relevant and effective in carrying out my responsibilities in my current organisation.

How did you prepare for the exam?

I attended the CIMA organised CIMA CFO Programme Workshop which was indeed a very valuable learning experience. In addition I also did lots of reading on the industry identified for the case study as well as consistently attended all the scheduled podcasts and webinars on the online learning tool. Of course having more than 16 years solid finance and controlling experience also helped along the way.

What are your tips in passing the exam?

God willing, first is to frame in your mind that that you will pass the exam and the reasons for such believe. Second, consistent practice of mock exams and a lot of reading on the industry concerned will definitely help to widen the horizon and perspectives of the case study. 

Eventually, what you know will not help you pass the exam if you are unable to conceptualise and express those knowledge and experience into a worthy form in the answer script. So good business writing skills is key and of course reasonably fast typing skills would surely be helpful for the PC based exam.

What’s your feeling when you received the news that you were admitted as an ACMA, CGMA?

Praise to God. For sure I was jubilant and happy. On a lighter note, of course the first thing I did was to share the good news with my better half and family.

How will being an ACMA, CGMA support/help you in your current job?

Being an ACMA, CGMA allows me to be closer to a group of experienced professionals and be more alert of the developments in the profession. Being an ACMA, CGMA also gives access to codes of best practices particularly in the management accounting field as well as its continuing education programme. This will not only benefit me but also my team because I can also improve their technical skills and knowledge by enrolling them in these programmes. Additionally, I can also benefit from the various formal and informal member get-togethers and networking sessions such as roundtable sessions, blogs, discussion boards, groups, community answers, expert Q&A sessions and the various forms of social networking. Obviously, there will be loads of enriching knowledge and experience sharing for me going forward. 

Any advice to potential CFO programme candidates? 

God willing, have the belief that you will pass the exam. Once having that conviction, execute that believe into reality - by being consistent in attending lectures and workshops, reading about the industry and persistently attempting all the mock exams and reviewing all the feedback from the mock examiner. In addition, please read the past examination review comments made by the examiner on the common mistakes to avoid.

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