Ganesh Prabhu

Ganesh Prabhu was one of the first few CIMA students to attempt the E3 Strategic Management exam under the new computer-based assessment format in January 2015. He has passed the E3 exam and he shares his experience with us on the new exam format.

Full Name: Ganesh Prabhu

Occupation: Financial Controller 

Organisation: Clifford Chance Pte Ltd, Singapore

CIMA Entry Route: 

CIMA Level/Award achieved so far:

First and foremost how does it feel to be one of the first students to pass a new 2015 assessment?

Mix of happiness and relief! Focusing on Integrated Case Study now...

What was your biggest challenge?  

The exam format. The exam is more intense than the special attempt (computer-based) paper in September, or the typical paper-based exam which run for 3 hours (plus 20 minutes reading time) with marks for steps, logic etc. In the new format, you either score marks for a question or you don't.

How did you overcome that challenge?

Having sat certificate level and Islamic Finance papers online, I assumed current format will be similar. Whilst largely true, the new format is different in many aspects. Practising the mock CIMA Pearson tests more than once is very helpful. Remember pass score is 70% so low scope for errors or time overruns.

What is your winning formula?

100% syllabus coverage. The exam covers almost every item on the syllabus. A strong grasp of concepts is imperative. And most importantly, time management on the exam day.

Can you offer some advice to other students?

Pace yourself during the exam. Answer all questions. Review doubtful ones at the end. 

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