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Members Plus 2021

Stay up-to-date with the latest news and information about what's happening in Ireland.

Update from Ciaran Phelan, Head of Ireland

Paul Turner

Welcome to our Summer edition of Members Plus.

As we enter the Summer months, I would like to look back on the first six months of the year and report on progress. In CIMA Ireland we are very pleased with our performance so far this year. New student numbers are strong, and we are particularly proud of the number of students who have chosen our CGMA Financial Leadership Program platform as their route to achieving the CGMA designation. As I have said previously this is the future as students progress through both continual assessment and examination. Feedback from students who have signed up on the platform has been very positive and exam results to date have been very encouraging.

CIMA students have been able to progress through the qualification despite many exam centres closed due to Covid. CIMA students can sit their exams from the comfort and safety of their homes and this has ensured exams taken have remained at expected levels, ensuring students continue to progress towards their qualification and ultimate membership. Last year we elected 100 new members and looking at this year’s performance to date we are on target to match this figure in 2021.

Growing student numbers and progressing students to membership is only one half of our business. The other is equally important and that is supporting our members with their continuous professional development. We do this through our excellent CGMA store and member events. As a result of Covid these have all taken place virtually and the numbers attending have been phenomenal. Going forward the virtual platform will be continued as it is far more convenient for members to attend despite their location and if they cannot attend live all sessions are recorded.

At this point I would like to express my sincere thanks to all your fellow members who volunteer their time to support CIMA and other members on our four regional committees. Their advice and support ensure we are delivering content that the members will appreciate and is relevant to their individual business sectors. We also get invaluable support from our Ireland panel under the chair of Margaret Healy. Thank you all for your time and most importantly your invaluable assistance which ensures our focus on supporting our students and members is relevant to their needs.

For the rest of the year our focus will be on growing students on the FLP platform, supporting students with their progression through the qualification and delivering quality CPD for you our members.

Have a great Summer!

King regards,


Member Engagement

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Member Engagement is your new source of branch communications and information, and an acknowledgment of new ACMA and FCMA members.

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Member Benefits

As a CIMA member and Chartered Global Management Accountant® (CGMA), you have access to a range of benefits and services.

Glennon and CIMA Ireland launch Exclusive Family Multi-Car Insurance for CIMA Ireland Members

Having recognised the difficulty in obtaining Car Insurance where there are multiple vehicles in the family, and in particular the high cost associated with young drivers, Glennon have arranged an exclusive family multi-car policy for CIMA Ireland members.

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The Impact of Digital Transformation on the Finance Team 

Aoife Donnelly, Managing Director, Leading Accenture’s Finance Strategy and Consulting practice in Ireland, and Andrew Kelly, Senior Manager in Accenture’s Finance and Consulting Practice, explain how the finance function is undergoing a radical transformation as market disruptions, digital technologies and increased expectations converge. And, how virtually every role within the finance function will be redefined in the next five years.

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Mind Traps – You can think differently

As management accountants we face many challenges in our daily work. But sometimes we forget that the same scrupulousness that helps us take hard business decisions can also help us when we face personal challenges. The biggest obstacles are often inside us and thinking ‘you can't’ is one of them. By Louise O’Rourke, ACMA, CGMA, & Management Consultant.

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Looking Beyond the Digital Accounting Horizon: Minding the Gaps and Avoiding Decision Drifts 

As there are new working models which offer new and exciting opportunities for business, employees, society; the significant and strategically important technologies and policy that will affect opportunities are around Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and Artificial Intelligence, operating within business strategy and government policy.

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UK Budget 2021 – what does it mean for you and your business? 

Need help navigating the latest tax changes announced in Budget 2021 and Tax Day?

ASM Chartered Accountants experts provide you with all the latest Tax changes and what are the implications for businesses and individuals.

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Member in Practice opportunities in a post-COVID world

Being a Chartered Management Accountant places us in a particularly strong position to work alongside businesses, tackling the variety issues that undoubtedly lie ahead and helping to navigate our clients through the pitfalls and challenges. By Eric Rochford, FCMA, CGMA & CIMA member in practice.

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Phishing attacks: defending your organisation

How to defend your organisation from email phishing attacks? This latest information from the National Cyber Security Centre highlights how you can protect your organization from cyber-attacks.  

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Adapt + Thrive | 2020 Integrated Report

Our recently released 2020 Integrated Report, titled Adapt + Thrive, details the many ways we’re delivering value to you. We’re providing the guidance, knowledge, learning and capabilities needed to not only adapt to today’s fast-changing environment but also position you and the profession to thrive for years to come.

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Market Update - Sterling holds steady post Brexit giving UK exporters much needed relief

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AICPA&CIMA Global Career Hub - Supporting your career progress.

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