CGMA Finance Leadership Program

The new digital-first route to the globally recognised CIMA Professional Qualification

You can become a CIMA member by choosing the new alternative pathway to the CIMA Qualification - CGMA Finance Leadership Program. 

The CGMA Finance Leadership Program has been designed to give you the skills, practical experience and forward-thinking, entrepreneurial mindset business needs of their finance professionals.

It's an online learning program, similar in scope and rigor to a master’s degree, that teaches you the finance, business, people and leadership skills that you need to succeed in the finance team of the future. All your learning, assessments and CaseStudy exam preparation takes place within the comprehensive FLP platform.

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Webinar: The flexible route to get CIMA qualified

Join CIMA Ireland for an information session to the CGMA FLP, and learn how you can get certified with the most flexible route to the CIMA Qualification.

Thursday, September 23 at 12pm.

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Here's how it works - Reimagine your Finance Learning Experience

Intuitive interface, compelling content and trackable progress. Watch a short demo here.

What will you learn? 

Technical skills — Applying technical accounting and finance skills in different business situations
Business skills — Transforming data into insights and strategy
People skills — How to communicate, influence, negotiate and collaborate
Leadership skills — Building and motivating teams and driving performance
Digital skills — Manage and guide the finance function in a digital world

“I really like that as you complete each subject you get a certificate from CIMA. It is a very easy way to show on your CV the progress you are making. With the original pathway, I felt you had nothing until you had the last exam passed, so for those working at it in phases, it is more difficult to show progress. There was significant financial savings with the CGMA Finance Leadership Program (FLP) and also as it is direct with CIMA, I like that you are using CIMA's own notes.”

Barry O’Sullivan CGMA FLP student, Ireland

Want to learn more about the CGMA Finance Leadership Program?

Request more information with the CIMA Ireland team! 

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Why choose the CGMA Finance Leadership Program? 

The digital-first route that guides you every step of the way:

  • Entirely online - All your learning, assessments and Case Study exam preparation takes place within a comprehensive online platform.
  • Topics are assessed continuously while you learn, in lieu of objective tests.
  • Contains all the resources you need to get the CIMA Qualification.
  • Self-paced digital environment - Online courses you can do anytime, anywhere, at your pace.
  • Tutor videos, interactive exercises, business simulation assignments and mock exams.
  • 1, 2 or 3 year subscription that includes your registration, learning, exam preparation, assessments and exams.
  • Exact same syllabus as the Professional qualification.

How much does it cost?

The CGMA Finance Leadership Program is offered in one-, two- or three-year subscriptions. How long you need will likely depend on your existing education and study habits.

 you start at the You will learn So we suggest For only 
Operational level All 3 levels A 3-year subscription £3,995
Management level 2 levels A 2-year subscription £2,995
Strategic level 1 level  A 1-year subscription £1,995

I have found the interactive dashboard very helpful and simple to navigate. The pathway’s flexible continuous assessment approach is much more beneficial for those of us who are working while pursuing the qualification, as we can choose to complete each stage of the pathway at a time that suits our own busy schedule. The Case Study Review Courses in particular provide us with in-depth preparation and guidelines that are focused on helping us to be successful in the exams.

Shane Moylan CGMA FLP student, Ireland

What do CGMA designation holders say?

Learn how CIMA members are making better business decisions for their organizations. Read success stories from professionals who recently went through the program.

Watch now on-demand an information session about the benefits of the CGMA Finance Leadership Program (FLP).

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CIMA at a glance

  • 696,000 members, students and engaged professionals
  • 172,000 organisations that employ our members
  • 192 countries and territories where members live

What do you get out of the qualification?

  • A Global recognition
  • A higher salary  - CGMA holders get paid more than their peers in Ireland: 
  • CIMA Students: EUR 46,000 | CIMA Members: EUR 85,000

Starting CIMA

  1. Identify your entry route and register with CIMA
  2. Apply for exemptions if required
  3. Choose your study method
  4. Schedule your first exam

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Webinar: Reimagine your Finance Learning Experience

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Are you a current student in Ireland? You can choose to switch to the CGMA FLP.

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