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The CIMA qualification can be studied in a variety of ways. Do some research before choosing how you are going to study. Make sure the option you choose will suit you and the way you learn best. For information on tuition fees, please contact the course provider you wish to study with.

2020 Tuition Options in Ireland

Classroom courses with a tuition provider

You can follow a taught course with one of the many CIMA Registered Tuition providers that teach CIMA. Where available this offers a good option as you will be studying with others and have the benefits of a tutor on hand to ask any questions. Lessons will cover the full course and offer revision.

5 Lad Lane, Dublin 2 

T. +353 (0)1 9061355

Full courses, revision only and online courses available. 

Timetable for 2020:

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First Financial Training Ltd

Contact: Peter Plant
087 093 1647

Timetable Information by request

  • Online course for all SCS students who are repeating the November 2019 SCS Exam in February 2020. 
  • Re-Sit Courses (2015 Syllabus)
  • OCS (Nov 2019) re-sit | commences 09 January 2020 | €350
  • MCS (Nov 2019) re-sit | commences 09 January 2020 | €450
  • SCS (Nov 2019) re-sit | commences 14 January 2020 | €450

All courses include: Summary revision notes; Online Pre-seen case analysis; Online mock exams with suggested solutions.SCS course also includes one full day F2F revision 09 Feb 2020

Two Day SCS Bootcamp (November 2019 re-sit students only) - 01 and 02 February 2020 Dublin 

February 2020 Case study courses (2019 syllabus)
  • OCS commences 09 January 2020 | €625
  • MCS commences 12 January 2020 | €725
  • SCS commences 14 January 2020 | TBC

All courses include: Summary revision notes; Pre-seen Case analysis; 8 online/classroom session of 3 hours duration; Mock exams with suggested solutions.

F3 (2019 syllabus) commences 11 January 2020 | €695
Course includes: Comprehensive course notes for the 2019 syllabus; Coursework for 8 weeks marked with feedback; mock exams marked with feedback/suggested solutions; 2 F2F revision days in Dublin 29 Feb, 01 March 2020.


  • SCS 2019 Syllabus - AICPA-CIMA Bootcamp course. Two full day F2F seminars. 02 and 03 May 2020. Contact: 



Richard Clarke Academy
Riddel Hall, Queen's University 
185 Stranmillis Road, Belfast

Marlon Beresford
T. +44 (0)7711 845413

  • Certificate level
  • Objective test subjects at Operational Management and Strategic level

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Study with official CIMA textbooks

The official CIMA text books and study materials can be used to support your tuition provider or distance learning course. You can also use these for home study. Home study does require high levels of discipline and self-motivation. The study texts, exam practice kits and revision guides can be purchased from CIMA Publishing.

Study online

You can start anytime, study anytime and sit anytime. The courses are designed and delivered through e-learning and you can also benefit from email tutor support. Online study is ideal for students in areas where there is little or no tuition provision, or for those who prefer to self study at their own pace. 

Provider Subjects/levels Course dates
CIMAstudy All levels Study anytime

Kaplan/DBS Live-Online

Kaplan/DBS OnDemand

All levels

learnsignal - new Ireland Tuition Provider All levels Study anytime
VIVA All levels Study anytime
Astranti All levels Study anytime
The ExP Group All levels Study anytime
BPP All levels  

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