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CIMA diploma in Islamic finance

Due to Ireland’s increasing importance as a Western hub for Islamic finance, CIMA Ireland offers two blended tuition offerings each year.

Islamic banking is seen as an alternative to traditional finance.

With the Islamic banking market valued at over USD1.1 trillion, combined with the estimated growth rate of up to 20% year on year, the need for human capital to bring Islamic finance to the level at which it deserves and meet its markets demands is higher than ever. At least 50,000 professionals are needed within the industry over the next seven years.

‘There is a real global shortage of people with
demonstrable expertise in the complexities of Islamic finance
Dr Mohd Daud Bakar, renowned Syariah expert, and president
and CEO of the International Institute of Islamic Finance

A career in Islamic finance requires unique management skills and knowledge. Professionals in this field must ensure that all financial activities are carried out in accordance with Shari'ah principles, and the standards, guidelines and best practices established by governing bodies.

Islamic finance, with its emphasis on ethical finance, is suitable for both Muslims and non Muslims.

To help fuel growth in Islamic finance, and to help the industry meet its shortage of qualified professionals, CIMA's Islamic finance qualifications are designed to appeal to both  those who are completely new to this area of finance, and those who are fully experienced and are keen to develop their expertise to a higher level.

Global Islamic Finance Awards

Our education experts have worked closely with the International Institute of Islamic finance to develop a qualification that will help drive the world's Islamic finance institutions. Our Islamic finance qualifications have won awards to recognise their world-leading status in the industry:

  • 'Best training institution' at the 2015 Islamic Business & Finance Awards for our outstanding contribution towards the training and education of professionals in the field of Islamic finance.
  • 'Best Islamic finance education provider 2013' from the Global Islamic Finance Awards (GIFA) committee.


The CIMA diploma in Islamic finance is comprised of four individual certificates. Upon completion of all four of these certificates you will be awarded the CDIF.

Certificate in Islamic commercial law

  • introduction to Islamic commercial law as it relates to Islamic finance
  • the sources of the Islamic commercial law including the Qur’an and the traditions of the Prophet Mohammad
  • the methodologies used to solve modern problems in Islamic finance
  • shari’ah compliance and the importance of the shari’ah standards.

Certificate in Islamic banking and takaful – products and services

  • the developments which have taken place with regard to Islamic financial institutions and systems
  • the main source of funds available to banks and how these sources are rewarded
  • the various products developed by Islamic banks for their customers
  • the products and services offered under takaful and issues relating to underwriting, deficits, surpluses and retakaful.

Certificate in Islamic capital markets and instruments

  • the differences between conventional and Islamic capital markets
  • the primary and secondary capital markets
  • regulation within the Islamic capital market
  • screening processes used in accepting/ rejecting shari’ah compliant products.

Certificate in accounting for Islamic financial institutions

  • the reporting framework and standards of Islamic financial institutions
  • the analysis and classification of Islamic funding and financing transactions
  • how transactions adopting different contracts of financing are reported in the Islamic financial statements
  • financial accountability and shari’ah compliance of Islamic financial institutions.

Designatory letters

The diploma in Islamic finance is a recognised CIMA qualification which carries the designatory letters of 'CDIF'.


The total cost for this CDIF blended tuition package is GBP990. 

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As a result of joining I was kept up to date on developments in the fast moving Islamic finance industry and was invited to be part of the global Islamic finance network. I would highly recommend the course to anyone who wishes to be at the forefront of Islamic finance.

Iskandar Tariq Manager, Financial Services, Grant Thornton