Global Professional Accountant Programme

Take advantage of this fast-track programme to become a certified Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) designation holder with full exemptions of 15 exams and direct entry to the Strategic Case Study exam

With CGMA’s prestigious global designation, along with access to an elite community of global industry leaders, you’ll definitely have a competitive edge over your peers.

Study and qualification

Successful candidates will need to attend a preparatory course from our learning partners or tuition providers to prepare for the last exam of the CIMA qualification - a three-hour case study exam. The exam primarily involves the application of strategic management accounting techniques to analyse, recommend and support decisions, areas which fall within the job scope of senior management.

Upon successful completion of this exam and successful membership application, you will qualify for CIMA membership* and earn the professional global designation of Chartered Global Management Accountant CGMA.

View the complete CIMA Professional Qualification syllabus

How to apply

1. CIMA admits candidate into the programme and registers as a CIMA student
2. Candidate submits the registration form, employment CV, a copy of certificate from a professional financial body and a copy of ID/passport to CIMA staff
3. Candidate sits for the Strategic Case Study exam and submits an online application for CIMA membership
4. CGMA & CIMA membership will be awarded upon passing the exam and successful membership application


Conditions of acceptance into the programme

Candidates must submit all the relevant documents mentioned above. A decision will be made by CIMA after the reviewing the documents.

Strategic case study exam

The strategic case study exam is based upon a case study that is set within a simulated business context relating to one or more fictionalized organisations. The context described in the case study is based on a real business or industry. The case study therefore has no specific syllabus content of its own. It primarily involves the application of strategic management accounting techniques to analyse, accounting techniques to analyse, recommend and support decisions.


GBP 1500

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