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CGMA Finance Leadership Program - for University Students


Accelerate your finance career with CGMA Finance Leadership Program (CGMA FLP)

The CGMA Finance Leadership Program (FLP) is a guided, digital-first learning and assessment experience. It’s your online route to the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA®) Professional Qualification and the Chartered Global Management Accountant® (CGMA) designation.

Flexible online learning

With the CGMA FLP, learning is part of an all-inclusive subscription package and delivered online in a self-paced digital environment. The CGMA FLP offers you the opportunity to both learn the material and sit online assessments at your speed. As there is no Objective Test (OT) exam date to schedule or work towards, you can study when you want, wherever you are, and even learn the topics in whichever order you like. Case study exams can be sat at an assessment centre or taken remotely online, thus creating a true digital learning experience.

How does CGMA FLP work?

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You may be eligible to join CGMA FLP under University Partnership Scheme with a preferential Entry Level and Fee. Please fill in your detail in the form, and our student advisors will contact you shortly.

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