Mutual Recognition Agreement with CMA Canada

In 2014, three professional bodies of Ontario, CA, CMA and CGA signed a motion to unify the profession in the province under the name of Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario (CPA Ontario), which is enacted the same year. Other provinces follow suit. By 2016, the unification is essentially complete across Canada (NWT and NU join in 2019). CPA Canada grandfathers the mutual recognition agreement between CIMA and CMA Canada. CIMA members are able to become CPA Canada members providing certain requirements are met.

CIMA - CMA Canada mutual recognition agreement allows members of both organisations to gain reciprocal membership.

CIMA applicants must demonstrate accreditation or certification requirements that are equivalent to the CPA Canada accreditation requirement, as well as satisfy admission requirements set out by the provincial or territorial society in which they live or work.

CIMA members are eligible for membership in CPA Canada and will receive the same benefits as current CPA Canada members.

The one provincial exception is that members applying to CMA Quebec will be subject to a French language requirement.

To apply for CPA membership, CIMA members will need to contact the CPA provincial office in the province where they live and work.

The requirements for CIMA members to become CPA Canada members as well as an application form and process are outlined on the CPA Canada website.