CIMA Mayor's Trophy 2007

A Celebration Of Cricket - Toronto Mayor's Trophy

Amidst the tumult of loudspeakers and the constant arrival of cars and a crowd nearing one thousand people, David Miller donned his pads to open batting for the Mayor's team.

Before he was piped in to the field he said "CIMA ensures that professionals reach their ambitions and goals. The City of Toronto congratulates CIMA for winning the ICC Global Marketing Award for the promotion of cricket in Canada ."

Gordon Grant said that cricket is a unique opportunity for diverse people to come together. CIMA has demonstrated this in 161 countries where it is a recognised business qualification.

He congratulated the Mayor for his enthusiasm and presented him with medal. He thanked CIMA Canada and their partners Parks and Recreation Department for organizing this wonderful summer event in the City. There were 14 teams taking part both from the private and the public sector.

Coca Cola Canada and Fedex Canada, CBC Television and Citytv fielded their cricket teams in this event for the first time. At the end of the day the Police team - the 2005 CIMA champions - carried away the trophy. 

There were things to do for the children and for the spouses. Refreshments were available throughout the day. It turned out to be a day of fun for the cricket loving Torontonians.

Memories from the day:

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